Organic Fashion By H&M Popping Up Like Those Damn Pinkberries

hm organic fashion 01 Organic Fashion By H&M Popping Up Like Those Damn Pinkberries

I heart H&M. Or Hennes as it’s called in Europe. In London, Hennes and TopShop are the two staples for fashionistas to get cheap yet cutting edge clothing – a slinky tee to go with designer jeans or shirt-dress you could dress up with a fabulous belt. Here in the States there are so many inexpensive retails stores (Target, Forever 21, Old Navy, American Apparel, Loehmanns, Ross) that it’s utterly confounding. I’ve lived here for four years and am still absolutely clueless on where to shop for basics. Oddly the higher end posed no problem, I drifted to Neiman Marcus and Barney’s like a leaf in a current. But one can’t live in Jimmy Choos alone. Which brings me back to Hennes, rather H&M.

Spring 2008 has been a season to celebrate at H&M with more organic cotton clothing than ever before — 1500 tons of it be precise. Says H&M’s Head of Design, Margareta van den Bosch: “Our organic cotton collection is also high fashion, as customers are becoming increasingly aware of both fashion and the environment. We are proud to offer clothes made from organic cotton in nearly every H&M department.” So what can we expect from the organic collection?

hm organic fashion 02 Organic Fashion By H&M Popping Up Like Those Damn Pinkberries

For women’s collection check out the 60s/70s inspired folk dresses mini to maxi with patterns, gathers and even puffs. Feminine and romantic blouses teamed up with knee-length skirts or shorts. And there are plenty of tailored blazers and waistcoats. For men it’s not quite as exciting (is it ever?) with cotton shirts, polo shirts, boxers and socks. Sounds like a Christmas present from Mom. In the younger urban line Divided seek out exotic patterned dresses, vests, denim skirts and tees. Kids can be styling the 70s look too in fringed waistcoats, smocks, clogs and shoulder bags.

Thank goodness H&M stores keep popping up in Los Angeles with Pinkberry frequency. At least now I know where to get my inexpensive fashion fix.

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