Our Latest Kiva Loan | Fulgencio Júlio Machava

kiva loan fulgencio machava Our Latest Kiva Loan | Fulgencio Júlio Machava

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Loan Request by Fulgencio Júlio Machava
Total Loan Needed: $375.00
Loan Provided By G Monkie: $25.00

Fulgencio Júlio Machava, was born in Gaza Province. He is 27 years old and single with no children. He attended school through the 10th grade and he received training as an elementary teacher.

He left Gaza Province for Namaacha, a town on the border with Swaziland, with his parents after his father was transferred through his work in education. After completing primary education, his mother advised him to enroll in the training course for primary teachers as a fast path to entering the job market. Fulgencio completed the course in two years and quickly went to work as an administrator in the District Administration Office of Education in the same town of Namaacha. He has been working for three years and earns a salary of 4700 meticais monthly. He has not been able to save because he is building his residence in the town of Boane, which is located 75 km away from the town of Namaacha. he has not been able to complete the construction, so he approached Hluvuku requesting a loan to continue the work. He obtained this with a little bit of difficulty due to lack of collateral, but with the help of his uncle as a backer, he was able to overcome this barrier and continue the work. He takes care of his mother and his two younger siblings who live in the city of Maputo by sending them 1000 meticais per month.

This is Fulgencio’s second loan from Hluvuku and his first with Kiva. The first 10,000 meticais were used to buy construction material to start the project, since he already has part of the land. This additional 10,000 meticais will be used to continue the same building project. He is confident that he is going to repay before the loan term and take another loan to furnish the house.

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kiva loaner team Our Latest Kiva Loan | Fulgencio Júlio Machava

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