Our Latest Kiva Loan | Rasim Huseynzadeh

kiva loan rasim huseynzadeh Our Latest Kiva Loan | Rasim Huseynzadeh

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Loan Request by Rasim Huseynzadeh
Total Loan Needed: $1,500.00
Loan Provided By Team Member April: $25.00

Rasim Huseynzadeh is a 47-year-old trader who sells cosmetics in the small village of Agsu city. Rasim is married and has five children! He started his business 20 years ago and, step by step, he achieved his goal and built his own store.

Rasim also works as a teacher in the local school but his salary is just not enough to cover his family’s basic needs. Rasim is focused on developing his own business and for this purpose he applied for $1,500 loan to increase his income and pay for his children’s university education.

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kiva loaner team Our Latest Kiva Loan | Rasim Huseynzadeh

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