Creative Home Made Vitamins For Kids, A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down!

home made vitamins 01 Creative Home Made Vitamins For Kids, A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down!Photographer Juli Novotny

I’ve been on this darn candida cleanse for like 2 weeks now and my son saw me taking some enzymes, probiotics and so on the other day. He must have suddenly had a flashback of that time he was sick last year and got all kinds of fun medicines. He loved it because there was some sweet elderberry liquid stuff AND those sweet homeopathic tablets. He got very excited when he saw the jars, gave me a fake cough and then said he was sick and needed medicine!


I suddenly had an idea.

I got out {of the trash} a liquid supplement jar and cleaned it out really good, taking off the label as well. I then filled it with some flax oil, vita mineral greens, touch of honey {or yacon syrup}, liquid immune support, vitamin D and oil of oregano. Then I added my own label.

Genius, right?! I guess it’s not that ORIGINAL of an idea, remember that song, A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down…? This idea has been around a long time, I guess. Try it for yourself.

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Smart Car Goes Electric In October … Ad Campaign Pure iPod

0 Smart Car Goes Electric In October ... Ad Campaign Pure iPod

Smart the little egg car that could, is adding a new type of engine to their cars, yes, a pure electric. Great news right? Well, yes and no for me. The only time I drive is when I trek back to L.A. or head out on a long trip, so all of the new electric cars rolling out really wont do me any good. I am holding out for a pure electric with a generator of some kind. Like the Chevy Volt, which is coming out soon. I hope it is going to be nice, less hmm how can I say this, less crappy than most of their cars. Plus, I hate the Chevy logo :( can’t they update that thing?

Back to the Smart Egg Car. If your a commuter and rock an iPod / iPhone, now this would be an amazing car for you. It has a range of 80 miles per charge, which should be plenty for most people. Plus it charges up from 20% to 80% in less than 3 hours. So, once you get to work you could always top it off. I haven’t see the pricing, but I am sure it wont be much more than their standard gas models, which are super cheap. Less than $20k for most models. Plus, with the Smart Car, you get the cool/fun factor, which the iPod style ad above seems to be screaming out who the target market is. The young ones, the cool ones, the ipod rocking, “G” living youth culture of the world. It’s about time products made for the “G” generation are finally here. More power to Smart Car, I hope they sell millions of them.

If you get one, send in your picts to G Living we would love to see them and hear about how you feel about pure electrics. Do they work for your lifestyle? Will you be buying one? What do you think of Chevy and the Volt or any of the new electrics rolling out?

smart electric car 01 Smart Car Goes Electric In October ... Ad Campaign Pure iPod

Bill Clinton Tells CNN, He Eat’s Only “G” Now To Heal Himself

0 Bill Clinton Tells CNN, He Eats Only G Now To Heal Himself

Why do people decided to add more plants to their diets or go completely vegan? Theres really many different reasons but a big one always seems to be, sickness. As soon as people actually feel what they have been doing to their body for years, they sometimes wake up and change everything. This is what President Bill Clinton is doing right now. No more dead cows… now its all about the nut milk, hmmmmm.

“I’m trying to be one of those experimenters,” said Clinton. “Since 1986, several hundred people who have tried essentially a plant-based diet, not ingesting any cholesterol from any source, has seen their bodies start to heal themselves — break up the arterial blockage, break up the calcium deposits around the heart. 82 percent of the people who have done this have had this result, so I want to see if I can be one of them.”

Clinton decided to adopt the diet in the early part of May 2010. While he does occasionally eat fish, the former president otherwise follows a strict vegan diet.

What made him go vegan? According to our source, Clinton has read many books on the topic, including books by T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish. Although losing weight was a benefit of the dietary change, the choice to go vegan was about more than just losing weight.

What Can A Digital Book Do That A Paper Book Can’t? IDEO Has A Few Ideas!

I just saw this digital book idea IDEO on a few minutes ago. I checkup on that site once in a while, after talking with Jason Wachob, one of its founders on the phone a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t checked out their site yet, you should take a second to take a look. I guess I would describe the site as a modern urban NYC based spiritual living / lifestyle site.

Now about this digital book software. IDEO has a few idea’s where this whole digital version of a book is going or at least where it could go. I am guessing Apple has a big say in the future of Books, just like they do in the music world. You know what I mean, the Apple iPad is blowing the doors off the competition and it wont be long before the ipad is the only book reader that matters. If Apples history is any indication what will happen next. I

Meet Nelson, Coupland, and Alice — the faces of tomorrow’s book. Watch global design and innovation consultancy IDEO’s vision for the future of the book. What new experiences might be created by linking diverse discussions, what additional value could be created by connected readers to one another, and what innovative ways we might use to tell our favorite stories and build community around books?

The High-Brow But Savvy Appetizer El Fiesta Spice Cannellini Balls By GreenChef Kathy Patalsky

Spice Cannellini Balls 01 The High Brow But Savvy Appetizer El Fiesta Spice Cannellini Balls By GreenChef Kathy PatalskyPhotography Kathy Patalsky

If you’re looking for a high-brow, party-savvy appetizer recipe made from affordable low-brow, healthy ingredients, my Fiesta Balls are for you. In a flash you can turn a boring can of white beans, some veggie accents and spices into creative, eye-catching balls that can easily be served at your next VIP’s-only dinner party. 

The presentation is simple and chic. Each lightly fried ball is placed on a large half-circle tomato slice. Then dusted with a hint of cayenne, paprika, pepper or your fave warming spice or zesty herb. Add a spicy salsa or harissa spread on the side or drizzled over top. Your guests will be raving “These balls are amazeballs!”

The best part about this recipe is that you can customize it to your hearts delight. Hate corn? Use mushrooms. Hate mushrooms? Use spinach. Hate spinach? Use olives. The veggie accent is totally up to you. Spices too. You can make these balls as hot and spicy as you’d like.

So whip out a low brow can of cannellini beans and brush off your serving tray. These balls are ready for their silver platter debut. 

Here is my originol recipe for Fiesta Bean Balls. Recipe variations follow below.

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A Sweet Fall Treat, The Almond Fig & Honey Flavored Tart By GreenChef Barbara

raw almond fig honey tart by greenchef barbara 01 A Sweet Fall Treat, The Almond Fig & Honey Flavored Tart By GreenChef Barbara Photographer Barbara Radojlovic

If you would ask me, what my favourite food is at this particular moment, my answer would most definitely be figs. Despite being able to enjoy dry figs all year around, there is nothing like enjoying fresh ones, which nature produces at the end of a summer. They are magnificent produce due to their sweet taste with a soft pulp and fine peel. Crunchy seeds just melts in your mouth and are perfect completion of a texture. To choose the figs with high amount of antioxidants, pick the ripe figs with a nice, fresh aroma.

They totally remind me of my childhood, as back in the days my father would go and pick the freshest figs from the farmers market and I would fight with my brother who would get them first. If my mother got a hold of them, before me and my brother ate them all, she would prepare a delicious almond and fig pie. This time it was my turn, so I prepared one my way and brought her my version of traditional almond and fig pie, which we both enjoyed dearly.

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Introducing The Sassy NYC GreenChef Julie Gartland

julie gartland intro 001 Introducing The Sassy NYC GreenChef Julie GartlandPhotographer Julie Gartland

It’s true, I’m sassy. I definitely have never been one to keep my opinions to myself. But, something happened when I found my passion in food. I found that cooking soothes me like nothing else ever has. When I get in the kitchen, my mind quiets and I create. That is a very difficult thing to do for an anxious person like me, but food has literally changed my soul.

I didn’t always have the greatest relationship with food. I spent years with chronic stomach pain, where everything I ate made me ill. Not until I found my many food intolerances, was I re-invigorated by what I COULD eat, and how it could make me feel amazing. I fell in love with food all over again, and developed an entire different mindset. With any chronic illness, you become incredibly grateful for how nurturing and delicious food can be. Food seriously healed me, emotionally and physically.

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The Lady Gaga’s VMA Awards Meat Dress | Really Now This Really Is Just Wrong

lady gaga meat dress vma awards 01 The Lady Gaga’s VMA Awards Meat Dress | Really Now This Really Is Just Wrong

I can’t help myself, I have to write what I am feeling about the Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress… This is America. You can do whatever you want with a slab of meat. Eat it. Toss it. Protest against it. Wear it. Make your choice and live with the consequences. Lady Gaga chose to wear it. Her explanation for shrouding herself in slabs of blood-red meat were stated on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I’m sure you’ve seen the quote by now, but here it is:

“Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgment-free human being on the earth. However, it has many interpretations, but for me this evening … If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones. And I am not a piece of meat.”

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I’m EXHAUSTED. Tired. OVER IT! My Character Building Two Years

juli novotny character building years 01 Im EXHAUSTED. Tired. OVER IT! My Character Building Two Years

I have been super duper stressed lately as I’m sure everybody has picked up on {no blog posts, and when I do post it’s all negative and rushed and not-so-spectacular}. Last night I was in bed and couldn’t help but analyze my stress.

Of course there are the inevitables – 2 babies that are just 12 months apart & a food company that I’m barely holding onto, just trying my best to keep going despite the fact that I don’t want a full-time nanny – yeah, those things are enough stress for anybody to deal with.

But started thinking about the past two years and the events that have occured. Not only did I birth two babies in these past two years but I attended 10 weddings 5 of which I was IN as a bridesmaid. 2 of my best friends also had babies and another one just got engaged a few months back. I have thrown two engagement parties, two baby showers and one HUGE birthday party here at my home in addition to the many I have attended.

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The Great Seed Exchange / From The Bonzai Aphrodite Tiny Garden

sayward bonzai aphrodite seed exchange 01 The Great Seed Exchange / From The Bonzai Aphrodite Tiny GardenPhotographer: Sayward Rebhal

Oh, deary me. Goodness goodness goodness. With a late spring, a miniature monster to care for fulltime, a foggy summer punctuated by unexpected heat waves, and most recently, two consecutive weekends away . . . it feels as though the world is conspiring against my garden. Ha! It’s just a hot mess up in there these days.

Oh well, I can’t complain! In this odd year of mostly hands-off-farming, I’ve actually learned a whole lot. And I’m so excited for next year! I can’t wait to implement all my new insights, and I just can’t wait to see this baby beast all covered in dirt and sprinkling seeds as he toddles along. We’re gonna have so much fun!

So speaking of seeds, I sort of have this grand idea. I want to organize an international seed exchange for Bonzai / G Living readers! I’ve always been enamored with the idea of saving seed – there’s something so inherently whimsical about this incredibly practical act. There are tons of really great reasons to do it, not to mention the fact that it’s just plain fun. I mean, talk about recycling!

I’ve written a bit about various seed-saving techniques, but the truth is, it’s fairly universal no matter the species. First, remove the plant part that holds the seeds. If it’s a pod or a flower, allow it to dry completely and then liberate the seeds. If it’s a fruit like a tomato or gourd, simply excavate the seeds and then allow them to dry out. Either way, collect your fully-dried seeds and label them clearly, storing in an airtight container (old spice jars work great). Easy as pie!

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Double Down Spicy Cashew MMM Cheese Wonder Stuff By Amateur GreenChef V Blak

spicy cashew raw cheese 01a Double Down Spicy Cashew MMM Cheese Wonder Stuff By Amateur GreenChef V BlakPhotography V Ol Blakheart

Life is full of un-expected surprises. Some are good, some seem like they maybe bad and then there are those moments or events which just change everything. Well, that last one seems to keep happening to me again and again lately. First I found new dog love, when I rescued Basil my wonder boy from the Long Beach Harbor Shelter. Then without even knowing I was open to a relationship, someone new enters my life and shows me what true happiness looks like. And now, being inspired by her love for making recipes and some encouragement, I too caught the recipe making bug. I know, shocking, right. I bet everyone out there thought I was already making recipes a long long time ago, since I am the guy who runs greenchefs, right? Well, it is sad to say, I somehow thought it was beyond me. I admired all the GreenChefs and loved having them in the studio and I loved eating their creations, but I really never thought I would be any good at it. That is crazy thinking! The whole point of GreenChefs is to inspire everyone to get their asses into the kitchen to make good for you, amazing tasting dishes! Now I am proof that really anyone, I mean anyone can make these recipes and they will blow you away.

Now this week I have been left alone to fend for myself and I am happy to report, I am now on my 4th recipe, if you count this Cashew Cheese, and the Kale Chips with the Cashew Cheese on them as separate recipes. Yes, four down and 1000’s to go. I am now addicted and very very full. I may go from Mighty to Plumpy at this rate. Wow, especially with this cheese recipe. Oh man, I am in love. I have been a vegan for a long long time and cheese of any kind hasn’t really been on the menu, so this has been a treat. I discovered this Spicy Cashew Cheese recipe when my friend Juli Novonty sent me a care package of her Kookie Karma Kookies and some of her new products which included a bag of Spicy Cheese Kale Chips.. mmmm so good. When I decided to make a cheese sauce for a pasta dinner, I reached out to Juli and she hooked me up with the complete recipe, which I promptly posted for you guys on GreenChefs a few days ago.

Why am I posting about the Cashew Cheese again, just a few days later? Well, while I was elbow deep in making this Cheese in my Blendtec’s I started feeling my inner amateur GreenChef coming out and I decided to alter the recipe just a bit to bring out some additional flavors and to kick the spice level to something a Texan would think is hot. Well, not HOT but mmm spicy. My big additions are the garlic, dried chili flakes, and the fresh red chili peppers. And I used some of the water from the nut soaking to smooth the cheese out into more of a sauce I think. I have never seen Juli make this, so she may add some water too. Anyways.. WOW, I love it. I can’t stop eating it, which is a good thing, since I made a double batch. I made the pasta and I did Kale Chips, which I will post next week. And yes I ate them all (3 large heads of Kale). So good. Okay if you love rich, spicy, creamy, so good it will make your toes curl, this is a recipe for you and I know what I am talking about, remember, I have tried all the dishes by the visiting GreenChefs and this gives all those recipes a run for their money. If I can say so myself. Enjoy!

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Cheesy Spicy Goodness Kale Chips By GreenChef Juli Novotny

spicycheesykalechips 01 Cheesy Spicy Goodness Kale Chips By GreenChef Juli Novotny

I’ve been busy lately eating kale chips. I’m so in love with dehydrated kale these days. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE just plain old raw kale marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt. But, dehydrated kale chips are great for crunch and of course a quick salt fix.

Nutritional Yeast is another one of my favorite things when it comes to making raw cheese-like comfort foods. In the world of raw foods nutritional yeast is added to dishes in order to give them a rich “cheesy” flavor. To do this I usually mix lemon, sea salt and nutritional yeast (water if making a cheese sauce). Normally I will also add a red bell pepper and cashews. Then this mixture goes into a Vitamix or a Cuisinart until smooth.

Nutritional Yeast can also be added to a “cracker” recipe in order to give it a cheesy flavor as well.

Nutritional Yeast is not to be confused with Brewer’s Yeast. Both are great sources of B12 (important for Vegans) but Brewer’s Yeast doesn’t give the cheesy flavor that Nutritional Yeast does.
So be sure not to confuse the two.

Another trick to making raw comfort foods is adding heat like jalapenos and/or ginger and/or garlic. This can give off the illusion that the dish is actually cooked or “hot”. It’s a great option when making soups and pates. Or when it’s cold outside. You can actually work up a sweat from combining all of the above spicy items.

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