Nau is Near

nauspring07 Nau is Near

how close are we? So close we can hardly stand it. The full line of Nau products will be available on at the end of this month [January 2007], and here in Portland we’re cranking to get everything ready for launch. In the meantime, we’d like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit, offer support and ask questions. Questions like “When can I see some clothes already?� Well, in this issue we’ll answer that question, starting with a special pre-release view of the product images going live in just a few weeks.

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First Platinum LEED Home in the Nation – Steve Glenn’s Pre-Fab LivingHome

G Living’s host Boise Thomas and Actor Brad Dourif, head over to G Developer Steve Glenn’s new Modern Green Pre-Fab Home in Santa Monica, which was built by his company Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Azalea Boutique Shows Eco-Love

ecofriendlyproducts09 Azalea Boutique Shows Eco Love

As one of San Francisco’s top fashion destinations, Azalea Boutique and Beauty Bar has been running a successful city and online store for years. In true Bay Area style, they have carried a few well-known eco-brands, such as Loomstate and Edun, for those looking to be chic and G. As of yesterday, they have officially launched an entire section of their online store dedicated to green goods, called Eco-Azalea.

Though the selection is still somewhat small, you’ll find great G items here for both men and women, along with the beauty section. Also noteworthy is their “coming soon” section, featuring a preview of the eco-brands they will soon carry (currently Bread Denim, Josh Podoll, Mission Playground, and Pangea Organics).

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Purses full of positivity: matt & nat

mattandnanbags Purses full of positivity: matt & nat

Don’t let the simplicity fool you; a lot is going on behind the seams of these bags. Not just for the ladies, matt & nat makes bags and accessories for stylish folks, all made from G / friendly materials.

Inder Bedi created her company Via Vegan in 1997 as a cornerstone of the developing cruelty-free, environmentally friendly market that is growing rapidly to this day. The idea came to her while at college studying marketing and corporate law. Who better to start a company? Her Indian heritage and exposure to traditional Hindu and Siku philosophies have helped her to shape the ideals of the brand, as well as how to follow her own path.

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BTCElements 1st Annual Winter Sale

btcelements sale summer BTCElements 1st Annual Winter Sale

The start of a new year brings many good things: new goals, renewed excitement in our lives, and an air of change. Of course, we can’t forget all the great sales either!, run by our very own stylishly swank Summer Bowen, has launched its First Annual Winter Sale, offering 20-60% off some of the most stylish green fashions around. Brands like Stewart+Brown, Loyale, Anna Cohen, and others can be found in the Sale section of the site, giving you a chance to add some new (and G) pieces to your wardrobe (there is that air of change I was talking about).

As they say in Hollywood, this is not to be missed!

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Reclaim, Recycle, Rejoice [and Save] with Remnant Clothing

remmant bags Reclaim, Recycle, Rejoice [and Save] with Remnant Clothing

What a great start to the new year! This morning, I was greeted with a great deal from Remnant Clothing: 25-30% off their whole catalog until January 31st (25% off handbags, scarves, leg warmers, headbands, dog sweaters and baby items; 30% off cuffs, pins, hair accessories, and the home collection)! All of their items are one of a kind or a limited edition and made with recycled and reclaimed fabrics. Every item is hand crafted and kind to the environment.

Ring in the New G Year with this great deal and some stylish new accessories for your wardrobe, thanks to this swank sale!

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CBS is promoting the idea of going Carbon-Neutral on the Morning Show

(via CBS) Last year the new oxford American dictionary declared “carbon neutral” the word of the year, but many people still don’t know exactly what it means. There are now a growing number of companies with names like Terrapass, Native Energy and which offer to help people offset the negative effects of modern life.

“We make it easy and affordable to help individuals and businesses to reduce the impact they have on global warming,” Executive Director Eric Carlson said. That is quite a substantial carbon footprint, which he defined as each person’s “cumulative impact on global warming from the energy that you use from the electricity for your home, the gas in your car, flying in a plane.”
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New Recipes | Vanessa Sherwood

t recipeimage 1 New Recipes | Vanessa Sherwood

Vanessa Sherwood has all new recipes up including Lemon-Strawberry Trifle, Ginger Limeade, Jungle Fruit Soup, Vietnamese Roasted Bananas and more. Some of them have videos of Vanessa showing how to prepare the recipes that were featured on G Living Live. The rest of them have videos that are coming soon. Vanessa has even more recipes coming that will be up this week, so check back. Visit Vanessa Sherwood’s page.

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Pre-Fab Modern & Mobile – We Meet Designer Jennifer Siegal

This week at G Living we have grabbed an electric mini car from our neighbors at Epoxybox and hit the streets of Venice. Our mission is to find out who else is living and working to create the G Lifestyle here in our own neighborhood, Venice/Ca. Our second stop on this adventure is The Office of Mobile Design, and their Showhouse just a few blocks from our studio. Boise takes a tour and meets the the mind behind the design, Designer Jennifer Siegal.

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Los Angeles Architecture 2106

0 Los Angeles Architecture 2106

What will the future of Architecture look like? Will they be built to be sustainable? a clip from the network’s recent design charette, “Engineering An Empire

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One-Day Post Christmas Sale at Alternative Outfitters

alternativeoutfitter One Day Post Christmas Sale at Alternative Outfitters

Did you get some cold hard cash as a gift for the holiday season? Still have some funds left from your gift budget? Head over to for their One Day Post Xmas Sale. You can take 15% off any item in any category by entering the code “XMAS15″ during checkout. Don’t dillydally on this great deal; the offer ends tonight at 11:59pm PST.Alternative Outfitters is one of the best online resources for fashionable leather alternatives and cruelty-free products for a compassionate lifestyle. They have put together an amazing collection of stylish non-leather shoes, handbags, and accessories for you to shop from. Also added recently were cruelty-free cosmetics and personal care items “because fashion and beauty go hand in hand.”

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Modern, Chic, Eco: Vita Gabrielli

vitafashion Modern, Chic, Eco: Vita Gabrielli
Dressing up for work is common for many of us in today’s society. When putting forth our best impression, us G ladies want to be both fashionable and eco-friendly. Now there is a brand that can help you do both: Vita Gabrielli. The items are not only made of sustainable fibers, they are also organically farmed and fair-trade. Organic cotton, bamboo, soy, tencel, and lycra come together seamlessly to make a wardrobe that would get you noticed in any interview or boardroom.

Though the pieces are made for the office, many of them (especially the tops and skirts) can be paired for a stylish night on the town. The website is still a little bare, but make sure to sign up for Vita’s e-mail list so you can get the scoop on new styles, stores, and more.

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