Clean Air – Always in Fashion

fashion0023 Clean Air   Always in Fashion

Project Runways Andrae Gonzalo wasn’t the only one who showed up at the Wilshire Ebel Club in LA to support the Coalition for Clean Air’s Eco-fashion show. We had Ed Begley Jr., Pat Morrison, and around 20 of California’s Top public officials – including wacky ‘runway model’ Burbank Mayor Todd Campbell.

Eco-fashion was auctioned off the backs of all the runway models (aka public officials) to raise money for the coalitions goal: restoring clean air to California. Designers included Carol Young of Undesgined, Debbie Brosenne of Taxi CDC, Stewart + Brown, Indigenous Designs, and more.

Below, two dresses from Project Runway’s “waste not, want not” episode which were also auctioned off for the G-cause.

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Sweet Styles Against Your Skin

sweetskins Sweet Styles Against Your Skin

Fresh from the Green Festival in San Francisco, I’ve got a healthy collection of great eco-fashion brands to tell you about. Described as “fresh fashion inspired by love”, Sweet Skins out of Oregon will be at the Chicago Green Festival in April of 2007 as well. Their collection is simple and understated, but full of fundamental and comfortable wardrobe pieces. All of their tops would look great with a pair of jeans and hemp shoes. Their eco-fleece hoodies, made from recycled plastic bottles, require no special care and make a perfect layer for the coming cold season. Their long pants, made of hemp knit, would enhance any gym or yoga workout. I personally find it tough to resist their pocket boy-cut panties, made from a hemp and cotton blend and available in adorable colors.

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Turk+Taylor: Homegrown With Love And Sweat

f00021 Turk+Taylor: Homegrown With Love And Sweat

The response to this little San Francisco-based business has been so supportive that, for their third collection, Turk+Taylor are expanding their line to include tailored pieces to accompany their line of hand-dyed organic cotton shirts. The new collection for ladies includes a trench jacket, skirt, and shorts in organic linen; along with office-worthy cuffed pants in organic cotton twill. The fellas get their own tasty pieces as well: hemp/organic cotton long shorts and pants. I first spotted this design-based eco-line at a local craft fair. Resisting these tops was nearly impossible, and I ended up leaving with a tasty new long sleeve top that I continue to love. Each season features a new set of graphic designs and colors, keeping us G lovers on our toes.

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Stylish Undies Are A Woman’s Best Friend

greenknickers01 Stylish Undies Are A Womans Best Friend

Like most women, I happen to carry myself a bit differently when I know that I’m wearing sexy underpinnings. Considering those bits of fabric are sitting so closely to “delicate” areas, shouldn’t they be stylish and G? The burgeoning UK eco-biz GreenKnickers is on the verge of making a big impact on the slowly-developed G lingerie market. Started just last year, founders Sarah and Rose have gotten a lot of press coverage, as well as having their items featured in Paris Fashion Week.

From fair trade supplies to eco-friendly fabrics and production methods, GK has all the G options covered. Unfortunately, due to being a small business, they haven’t even had any products to sell to the general public – until now! Their first set of limited-edition hand made “knickers” are available for sale on their site. You’ve got two styles to choose from, each pair costing 25 UK pounds (about $48) each. It may sound like a lot, but you are buying fair trade, hand made, and organic all at the same time! You can read about and see pictures from the making of their first publicly-sold set on their blog.

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Daily Specials from

fashion02232 Daily Specials from

Though we love to make a difference by buying eco-friendly fashions, the price can be a testy turn-off. It looks like has that all figured out, and just in time for the holidays.

The Daily Special is a new feature exclusive to our blog readers. Now through mid-December, we will periodically offer one day specials on various pieces of merchandise on our web site. Whether you are shopping for yourself, or looking for a gift, this is a great opportunity to save a few bucks. In addition to the discount, shipping is always free on orders $75+.
So what’s the catch?

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Organic Candy Holiday Treats

Throughout these holidays, candies and treats will be everywhere. Kids and adults alike will likely find their sweet tooth aching for some. Of course it is always best to choose fresh, whole organic fruits, but sometimes we want something a little more naughty. Here are some organic and healthier natural options to consider for kids and parties. Most of them can be found in many health food stores and Whole Foods Markets. Also be sure to check out the GreenChefs Desert Recipes.

Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate Treats

dark large Organic Candy Holiday Treats

The Endangered Species Company makes a bite-size chocolate bar. It is organic and fair trade with no refined sugars. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to protect endangered animals. Some of their organic mini-options include Bug Bites Organic Dark Chocolate and Organic Chimp Mints.

Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Minis

 Organic Candy Holiday Treats

I love Equal Exchange Dark Chocolates. They make some of the best chocolates and they are fair trade and organic with no refined sugars. Now they’ve come out with these new mini versions for a bite-size snack, and perfect for kids.

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Back to Vancouver for a Week

brendan 009 Back to Vancouver for a Week

I’m back in Vancouver this week after an action-packed six and a half weeks on the road. This week I’ll be giving four talks in the Vancouver area, then off to NYC for the Marathon Health and Fitness Expo – Nov 2nd – 4th. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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DAGOBA Organic Chocolate | Frederick Schilling

frederick schilling DAGOBA Organic Chocolate | Frederick Schilling

As you know, I have a huge passion for organics and dark chocolate!

I found this interesting and very detailed interview with the founder of one of my favorite organic chocolate bar companies, DAGOBA. Frederick Schilling started the company in his kitchen, making the chocolates by hand for the first year and a half.

Here are some highlights of quotes from Frederick:

“From the beginning of my young adult life, I have been very passionate about sustainability and organics. I was already philosophically aligned with the organic movement before the inception of DAGOBA. So naturally, since I was exploring the idea of creating a food product for the market, it had to be organic.” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Stewart + Brown: Eco-Powerhouse

stewartbrown 01 Stewart + Brown: Eco Powerhouse

Founded in 2002, Karen Stewart and Howard Brown’s clothing line has become one of the main faces of the eco-movement. Right after the birth of their daughter Hazel, Karen’s experience as a painter and Howard’s graphic design talents were combined to create Stewart+Brown. “We wanted to prove to the world that you could be socially and environmentally responsible without compromising quality and style, and still be profitable,” Howard told me recently. Recently featured in Wired’s Green Issue, Plenty, and a favorite of the now-defunct Organic Style Magazine, S+B’s creations naturally garner attention.

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Fall is in the air…Concord Grapes

2060014296 6403f7a281 bjpg 599x400 Fall is in the air...Concord Grapes

The days and nights are slowly getting cooler. Soon the leaves will start to change colors for fall is in the air. This is also the time of year when Concord grapes will make an appearance in the stores, if you’re lucky. To me, the Concord grape is the king of all grapes. They are big, dark blue or purple, and are highly aromatic. Concord grapes have been known to reduce hypertension and the negative side effects of secondhand smoke. The purple little powerhouse can also safeguard your heart by lowering the levels of LDH (the bad cholesterol), keeping your arteries elastic and by reducing the clumping of platelets. Just a few reasons to try them, if the fabulous taste wasn’t enough.

This is the time of year I start to get homesick for Upstate New York, second largest producer of Concord grapes. I lived near the small town of Naples, famous for their grape pies. Every year a contest is held to see whos pie reigns supreme. Monica, of has probably won the most contests and has even been featured on The Food Network. You can order a pie online, or try your hand at making your own. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

VURU – Personalized Supplements

home hand2 VURU   Personalized Supplements

(article/review written by Juli Novotny)

Introducing VURU, the customized, made-to-order daily supplement pack. What a great idea! Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?
From an entrepreneurial perspective, I give many kudos to a great site, idea and branding: it’s fun, creative, personal and interactive. Read the Founder’s story. From a nutritional perspective I like the incorporation of herbs, enzymes and phytonutrients. However, it does not solve an ongoing dilemma: how do we know what we NEED?

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Still On The Road

After doing staff trainings in Whole Foods in San Francisco and surrounding area for a week, I attended and spoke at World Vegetarian Day in Golden Gate Park. It was bigger than last year and also spanned two days instead of one. Then it was on to the east coast. Natural Products Expo East was in Baltimore this year, switching for Washington, DC the year before. It was a good event. Lots of knowledgeable people who really knew what they wanted. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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