North Dakota and California race to be the first to grow Industrial Hemp

“SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 12 /U.S. Newswire/ — North Dakota and California are in a race to be the first state in the U.S. to grow industrial hemp since Wisconsin grew the last hemp crop nearly 50 years ago. This week, each state will conduct important public hearings on the subject. The California Senate Public Safety Committee holds a hearing Tuesday, June 13, 2006, on AB 1147, a bill that would affirmatively grant farmers the right to grow industrial hemp to produce seed and fiber, while North Dakota’s Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson holds a public hearing on Thursday, June 15, 2006, about rules expected to be finalized later this year that would license farmers to grow hemp under existing state law.

The hearings are taking place in the shadow of Canadian hemp farming which has seen steady growth in the last 6 years. This year, Canada is growing a record 40,000 acres of industrial hemp. Nevertheless, rumors persist that the demand for hemp seed from U.S. food producers — whose sales are growing 50 percent each year — will create seed shortages before harvest again this summer, forcing buyers to go to Europe or China for seed. “American farmers are tired of looking around the world to see farmers making healthy profits growing hemp for export to the U.S. They want change,” says Vote Hemp President Eric Steenstra.”

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The Sexiest and Best Looking Green Cookbook Online Greenchefs

greenchefs The Sexiest and Best Looking Green Cookbook Online GreenchefsGreen Chefs | Organic Natural Healthy Foods with Amazing Chefs. Streaming Shows and Large Color Photos. Eat Green Be Happy!

Well, that is what they say. But once you get in to Green Chefs you are anything but happy. Believe me. The photos are so real and large you feel like you can reach out and touch the food. Maybe even taste it. And here is the problem, you can’t. So you are stuck there on the other side of the screen wishing you had all of these amazing Raw Organic Desserts on your plate, but you don’t. You have to watch the videos and make it yourself. When they open a cafe, let me know.

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Green Congress

Green Power

Consumers drive America’s economy and very often advertising drives consumers. We are beginning to see a shift in that model as conscientious buyers, lead the way to healthier products and practices, by making choices that aren’t driven by mainstream media. Millions have made change in their lifestyles. Those changes are translating into a social shift in the marketplace.

Whether we focus on foods or fashions, transportation or trade, the way we spend our dollars has created a booming new industry of Greener choices. Every dollar sends a vote to the market and Green voices are growing louder. Green consumers are the wave of the future and the corporate world is working to win your support. On the other hand the corporate world is paying for Congressional support. Our voices are not yet a force in the legislative arena.

We know democracy is based on the idea that government must serve the public interest. Unfortunately, money talks and corporate interests have gotten much better support for their agenda than individuals have. From the standpoint of green consumers with ethical and fair trade policies, the new Millennium has seen monumental progress. Our values are shaping the free markets for the better. It is time to move those better values and practices to Washington.

Keeping Score

By electing Members of Congress who support Green Living values, we can make even greater strides in America and around the globe. The first step is to have a clear understanding of our candidates and the policies they really promote. To help identify the candidates positions, Organic Consumers has created a nationwide candidate survey that will profile the contenders.

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It’s a Small World

Years ago, researching the issues surrounding genetically engineered foods, it was hard to find many people who were knowledgeable or informed. Groups like Organic Consumers were trying to spread the word and build support, but the seeds of resistance and awareness were just being sown. As Dylan once sang, “The times they are a changin'” and the worldwide grass roots efforts are becoming a Green Force.

For me, the changes have been a treat on many levels. I no longer feel like part of a fringe cult when I talk about the GMO problems. Millions of others are not only talking about it, they’re doing something. Actually, they’re doing all kinds of things in every corner of the globe. Successful efforts, to promote fair trade and sustainable agriculture, preserve biodiversity, raise awareness and opposition to monoculture-agribusiness-GM crops and promote healthful local foods, are now everywhere.

For the last few months I have been part of a documentary film project that spans the globe covering the individuals and organizations involved in creating the change. We have focused on the battles and victories and the issues have become more personal as the people have shared their stories and touched our lives.

The Reel Deal

The support has been overwhelming and incredibly energizing for a muckraker like me who generally focuses on the transgressions of the biotechs. It is a refreshing change to look at the positive. With appreciation to some of our contributors the focus of this report is the positive news coming from the work they are doing. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Autumn North American Tour: Starting Soon

brendan 002 Autumn North American Tour: Starting Soon
It’s almost time to get back on the road. My first stop will be the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s annual food fair. It’s a free three-day event that attracts thousands. My speaking times are 3pm on Saturday September 9th and 3pm on Sunday the 10th.

From there I’ll be doing a tour of Ottawa and Montreal, then on to the LA area for a few days. After that, on to San Francisco and area. Speaking dates have not been finalized for this leg of the tour just yet. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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juliano Juliano

Juliano has a style all his own. He recently came out to Chicago to teach some classes at Karyn’s, our long standing raw restaurant. I’ve always been impressed with his food at his Santa Monica restaurant ‘Raw’, and so I was looking forward to picking up some new tricks.The best way to describe the class was chaotic. First off there were no handouts with the recipes printed out- heck, he didn’t even know what he was going to make until he was making it. He would start one dish, get distracted, start working on another dish halfway through the first, all while his assistant was working on yet a third dish. Every five seconds someone would ask what he had just put in one of the bowls which just made everything even more chaotic.

I was able to follow, but then again I’ve been at this a while. For a beginner, forget about it. This probably wouldn’t be the class for you. That being said, I did walk away with some new inspiration along with a splitting headache :). Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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G, is it Really Fall?

Not quite, but stores are already stocked up with fall styles. If you’re like me and not ready to let go of summer, here are a couple transitional eco-fashion pieces — good now, good later, and even good enough to bust out with next spring.

223416625 b8a946e76a m G, is it Really Fall?
Organic Cotton Bubble Dress by Eco-Ganik

This puffy, hemmed dress with black butterfly detailing comes in a beautiful green for fall. Perfect for an August lunch in flipflops, but when October rolls around you can pair it with boots, leggings, denim jacket and scarf.

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FREE G | Del Forte Organic Jeans

IMG 3447 FREE G | Del Forte Organic Jeans

This week we’re giving away a pair of designer jeans by designer Tierra Forte. We were lucky enough to have Tierra on G Living Live and she was very nice to offer a custom pair of jeans for one, lucky G insider. Everyone taking part in the forum this week will be entered to win a pair of these $190 designer jeans. This means you have to join in on the discussions.

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Bono Launches Movement of ONE

onetee Bono Launches Movement of ONE
It’s ONE for all and all for ONE! Naomi Watts, Diego Garcia, Kate Bosworth and a bounty of concerned celebrities are taking a stand against AIDS and extreme poverty, lending their visages to the launch of the newest T-shirt from ONE, the Campaign to Make Poverty History.

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No Enemy is at the gate

noenemymenbrown2 No Enemy is at the gate To the left, new brown version of the coolest shirt from No Enemy – a great t-shirt company based out of Santa Cruz. Super soft organic cotton with PVC free water based dye. Plus a sweet design- the peace dove rising above two fists.

A brief explanation of the logo:

No Enemy stands for living in peace with all that is. It is not just tolerance, it is a patient face that will search and crinkle its brow for that higher understanding instead of running away, building a wall, or pointing a finger and screaming of demons.

189928591 d28177e728 m No Enemy is at the gateWell said, friends. To the right a self pic of No Enemy founder Paul and me, hanging out at the Eco-Petal event in West Hollywood.

Thanks for the new styles Paul, and for creating an eco-fashionable tee for guys. The hub digs his black version – it’s the first one on after we do laundry. Mostly he loves the look of it (musicians have to have cool t-shirts), but he also wears it cuz replacing one traditional tee with organic saves 1/3 a pound of pesticides.

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‘Fashion’ Trend-setter Apple CEO Steve Jobs

24825850 Fashion Trend setter Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Who knew? Counter fashion Steve Jobs with his ultra casual Jeans and black turtleneck uniform he wears to every single keynote I’ve seen him give for the past 8 years at least. He probably wears this same outfit daily to work and everywhere as well I imagine.

The casual silicon valley style has caught on as a trend throughout most work places and offices now. Stiff suits and ties are out and casual, comfortable attire that reflects individual style and personality is the new office trend.

Here is an article in LA Times Style & Culture

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G Living’s LIVE: A New Weekly Format Bursting with Green Talent

fashion2b G Livings LIVE: A New Weekly Format Bursting with Green Talent

Things are definitely winding up in a good way at G Living. The crew and guests on our LIVE show had such a blast Sunday and Monday, learning, sharing stories and information, finding inspiration in each other – not your typical tv production environment – a modern home in Venice Canals, a minimal crew, our talented hosts…including Boise Thomas and Tara McNamara…for those wondering what’s been happening, we are reformatting the show- and will be back online next week. Meanwhile, yeah, shooting has been superfun.

Vanessa Sherwood, our Green Chef from Chicago, turned us on to a mind-blowing 10-dish medley of raw exotic summer recipes – so amazing I can only say stand back and stay tuned. Vietnamese spring rolls, Summer’s Bounty exotic summer salad, raw chocolate ice cream, ginger limeade, jerk-marinated vegetable skewers, lemon-strawberry trifle and more…

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