Ace Hotel Palm Springs A Little Retro Way Cool

Have you ever done something and wonder just seconds later what the hell were you thinking? Well, I have to admit, that is basically the default way my brain functions. It just spits out ideas and my body says what the hell, lets do it and it just starts to go into action before the brain can actually re-adjust and make the right choices. This gets me into more trouble then I would like to admit. For example, the brain spitted out an idea to pack up and move to a location known as hell on earth and my body had packed, moved and unpacked before the brain could say, hey… just joking.

Yes, now my body with my brain lives in hell. Well, not the actual hell, because I don’t believe that one exist, but a place trying to do its damnedest to be as hot as it thinks hell would be. Yes, you guessed it, I live in the oven known as Palm Desert (Palm Springs). Everyone says the 126 degree temperatures will cool down in just a few more weeks and then everything it will be like that other fictional place, Heaven, all nice and sweet. Well, until the heaven sweetness arrives, I have been hiding out indoors with the air on because I have a fear of melting. But I am really itching to get out and sight see a little, because surprising enough, I just found out there is an ACE Hotel just down the street. Crazy right? I say that because, I think I love the Ace Hotels and to think something so cool is a few minutes away gives me hope for this place. I was just in New York City for a week and I went to the Ace Hotels bar and it’s coffee shop on two different occasions, and both were totally hip and so welcoming. I hope the Ace out here is even half as nice. We will see. I am going to reach out to them and see if they will hook G Living Up and give us a room to test out, if you know what I mean. Wish me luck. Until then, here is a totally cool video showing off some of the retro / hip goodness they are known for. Also, tossing in some photos.

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G/Style by G Living Pilot Show

G/Style is the destination for high end ethical fashions. Each slick, glossy 30 minute episode showcases the designs and designers making a difference. From the runways to the design studios, label launches at the most exclusive boutiques to in-depth interviews at Venice studios, we feature the coolest cuts and innovative new fabrics from hottest, most talented designers of the next generation.

Join our host, Sarah Backhouse, and our team of in-house stylists as we keep you on the cutting edge of green fashion. G/Style — where celebrity, sex appeal and sustainability come together.

gstyle pilot episode G/Style by G Living Pilot Show

Sweet & Lushes Chilled Cantaloupe Soup By GreenChef Alice Savorelli

sweet lushes cantaloupe soup 01 Sweet & Lushes Chilled Cantaloupe Soup By GreenChef Alice SavorelliPhotography Alice Savorelli

Cantaloupe, cucumber and red peppers all signal the warmest summer weather. I love to eat them as much as possible during their season and this recipe gives a refreshing and unusual way to enjoy all those amazing seasonal fruits and vegetables. I instantly fell in love with this soup when I first made it three years ago, and have been making it regularly during cantaloupe season ever since. Cantaloupe is a very healthy fruit, rich in beta-carotene which turns into anti-ageing and anti-viral Vitamin A once digested. Cucumber is an excellent source of Vitamin C and contains minerals which help the body to rehydrate. Red pepper too is very high in Vitamin C, and packed with bioflavonoids and lycopene. The sweetness of ripe cantaloupe is the key to this delicious cold dish. Characterized by a distinctive spicy-fruity taste, this soup works beautifully on a hot day as an appetizer or as a quick meal. I suggest serving it in chilled bowls. The red pepper cubes add a crunchy, contrasting texture.

Makes 4 Servings

sweet lushes cantaloupe soup 02 Sweet & Lushes Chilled Cantaloupe Soup By GreenChef Alice Savorelli

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Room101 | Exposing Genocide in Darfur

Looking Back at Darfur. What happened, who was at the core of the violence and where do we go from here. Special Interview with Brian Steidle on Room101.

Brian Steidle, co-author of The Devil Came On Horseback, talks about his experiences in Western Sudan. Brain is a former U.S. Marine Captain and spent 6 months working for the African Union in Darfur as an observer. He took photos and wrote reports about the genocide taking place in front of his eyes. But no one seemed to care, so he took matters into his own hands. He left Sudan with the photos he had taken and headed back to the United States to raise the alarm. He joins G Living Host, Sarah Backhouse in our Room101. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Spread The Delicious Gorgeous GreenChef Promo Love

Its time to start spreading some promo love. Here is a promo for GreenChefs. Pass it along, or just repost it on your own site. The promo is a big hug from us to all of you… Okay I have no I idea what I am talking about, but hey, it sounded good. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Venice Based epOxyGreen Design Center Finds A New Home In The Belly Of The Orange

sander architects orange office venice 01  Venice Based epOxyGreen Design Center Finds A New Home In The Belly Of The Orange

This is an Orange Alert for all you West Siders living L.A. The center of our green universe is about to lose it’s anchor. I am talking about Abbot Kinney, and all those greenish businesses which are starting to dominate the street. The anchor company epOxyGreen on the corner of Venice Blvd and Abbot Kinney is pulling up it’s roots and heading North. Well, only a few blocks North, to the traffic chocked artery of Lincoln Blvd. They are moving in with our friends at Sander Architects in the belly of the Orange Office. From the email Catherine sent over, it sounds like they leased the bottom two floors.

epOxyGreen over the last few years has transformed their business to focus on green design and home improvement. opOxyGreen grew out of opOxybOx which is a gallery and event spot. Some time ago, the gallery started filling up with green paints, bamboo floor samples and assorted furnishings. Now with a larger space and a prime location on one of L.A. busiest streets, maybe epOxyGreen is about to transform it’s self once again. Photos after the jump

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Radioheads Philip Selway (drummer) Finds His Voice

By Some Miracle by Philip Selway

“When you’re the same age as the Prime Minister, you think, I’d better get on with this,” Philip Selway grins as he acknowledges the new sea change in British politics but popularity is generally a passing phase while your first album – that’s forever. Knowing time waits for no one, he has delivered Familial, a collection of sublimely fragile, haunting and heartfelt songs that will surprise many, and not only because drummers traditionally don’t do this kind of thing. Familial is so persuasively good, it sounds like Selway has always been a singer-songwriter.

The full album just came out and I am thinking of downloading it this morning, so I just thought I would share a little music joy with you.

The Insanely Tasty Green Mountain Parfait By GreenChefs Golubka

green mountain parfait 01 The Insanely Tasty Green Mountain Parfait By GreenChefs GolubkaPhotography Golubka

Parfait is a wonderful thing. It allows those of us who find boredom in single-flavour desserts to enjoy many tastes and textures elegantly layered in one tall glass. This one was inspired by Japanese parfaits, in which the most peculiar colours and foods are combined to make insane edible creations.

Avocado ice cream is among our favourite culinary discoveries of this summer. It seems as though avocado was created for ice cream making, with its smooth and creamy texture.

We wanted this parfait to tell a visual story and paint a delicious landscape. The layers of green ice cream, buckwheat crunchies, fresh cherries, and blueberry and vanilla creams are meant to resemble topography. Mountains and valleys, trees and flowers, and finally, at the very top – snowy peaks.

Just like all desserts on Golubka, this parfait is nourishing and full of ingredients that do nice things for your body. Go ahead, try it for breakfast.

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The Oh So Luxury Moss Mat

moss bath mat 01 The Oh So Luxury Moss Mat

I love a beautiful G bathroom where I can treat myself to some private, personal, spa- like luxury and nothing would go better in my dream bathroom than designer La Chanh Nguyen’s live Moss Carpet. My feet would feel worshiped if greeted by this beautiful patch of living moss after a nice bath.

The Moss Carpet elegantly lays nature at your feet. There are three types of moss (ball moss, island moss and forest moss) that go in a tray of imputrescible foam called plastazote.The humidity of the bathroom and the drops flowing from the body, water the mosses.

Aside from being gorgeous, practical and eco-friendly, you may also be able to derive some of the health benefits that studies have shown that walking barefoot on grass can have such as strengthening your immune system, improving circulation and lowering the risks of health problems such as arthritis.

But I mostly want one because it is incredibly cool.

moss bath mat 02 The Oh So Luxury Moss Mat

A New Sort Of Speakeasy: Kombucha Culture and Backroom Brewing

kombucha brewing sayward rebhal 01 A New Sort Of Speakeasy: Kombucha Culture and Backroom BrewingPhotographer: Sayward Rebhal

Lindsay Lohan was spotted swilling it, and soon everyone and their damned Chihuahua was talking about that strange, stinky tea called kombucha. But before you could say ‘fermented mucous blob’, the potion was pulled from the shelves of every Whole Foods and health food stores across the nation. Which means those of us who depend on it can no longer find our fix! What’s a jonesing little monkey to do?! Well, we’re taking it back prohibition-style: we’re cooking up our own ‘bathtub brew’.

Kombucha can be traced to the far east, as far back as 2,000 years ago. The fizzy fermented drink is all raw and claims bragging rights on a whole slew of healthful properties, including improved digestion, increased metabolism, regulated hunger/blood sugar, body detoxification, and immune system strength. The cordial itself contains active enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, and energizing B-vitamins. A little goes a long way, and a daily dose will leave you feeling great.

Oh, Miss Lohan, what have you done? The feds got frazzled over alcohol content and now the stuff’s on lockdown. BUT, if you can get your hands on just one bottle then you’re in good shape, because you can turn it into an everlasting supply. Really, it’s very simple.

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I Wouldn’t Lie, I Heart The White Lies

Death (Live) : By The White Lies

By now everyone is used to me professing my love for this girl or that girl or some songstress, who just won’t stop tugging at my soul. Well, today I am officially changing my tune. It’s not some girl this time, no, I am in serious love with white pale male meat. Oh don’t go rolling your eyes at me, I am still a vegan, and I am not fibbing, its a White Lie. Yes, some London Boys are looking pretty mmmm (not sexy if that is what you are thinking). I mean, like they just may be come my official soundtrack for the rest of 2010.

Like I said, the bands name is The White Lies and the Album is called To Lose My Life. Not the most uplifting titles, but there is something special about these songs. Yes, they lie to you and sing about dying, but you have to give them some credit, they do it all with this amazing driving beat, which seems to be purely addicting to me. Really , trust me, or don’t. Just click play on a few of the videos I have added to this post.

The title song on the Album is called Death (don’t worry, you wont cut your wrist right away) and it’s the first video at the top of the page. It’s a great song, but the song which really pulled me in, was A Place To Hide. This song is just… mmmm, and you would know what I mean by that, if you knew me. But you don’t so, I will let you in on the secret. Mmmm is the way I say, I love you, I think your hot to a certain somebody in my life and to give the White Lies the mmmm treatment is big. Believe me…. Very Very Big.

I have posted three more videos after the jump. Now after watching the videos get your Monkie ass over to iTunes and down load the album, you wont regret it, trust me. Plus, its a bargain at $7.99. I downloaded it about a month ago and it may have saved my life. Okay, I am lying again, maybe it didn’t save my life, but it sure did improve it. Without the song a Place To Hide, I might not have found some bodies loving arms waiting for me. I could still be standing in Central Park, with my bags in my hands, waiting with no hope of someone ever coming to get me. It was this song, yes, this song, which made everything, I mean everything, turn out so perfect. MMMMM perfect. :) Do you think I am lying now?

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Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

yamaha divide 02 Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

Now that I actually own my own electric powered bike (The Ultramotor A2B) and love it, I am obsessed with finding an even better bike. One that will go over 100 miles on a charge and at speeds up to 40 miles an hour, plus able to pull a bikewagon. I know California State law requires you to have a license if the bike goes over 20 miles per hour, but if they could design it with a switch, to let me choose, I would buy it. 20 Miles per hour is fine, but only for local trips. If I have to go all the way down town, I would never make it on my A2B.

So, today I came across this little modern looking electric bike from Yamaha, the Divide. It was announced back in 2003 so I very very late, in this discovery, but I don’t know what happened. Did it ever make it in to production? The Divide I guess is a scooter, not a bike, but it seems to be very small and even folds up. If your a boy from Texas, like me, you probly know Yamaha as the maker of motor dirt bikes. I personally owned a Yellow YZ 80, which I road endlessly. So I am guessing they know how to make a pretty cool scooter.

yamaha divide 03 Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

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