The Panda Snack Bamboo Clothing Line

pandasnack01 The Panda Snack Bamboo Clothing Line

Everyone knows that while the “G” Fashion movement has been ramping up, high style offerings are still a bit on the thin side. At best there are a hand full of good designers bringing stylish well made garments to market.

This should be changing rapidly, since almost everywhere you look now you see a new Green Magazine Issue, or a sign on a bus, saying the world is going green. So we are more hopeful than we have ever been. With the new interest in green living, and new consumers coming to this market, the prices of all the new clothing collections, that are sure to emerge, should be coming down as well. I don’t think I know any guys like my self, who would run out to buy a $200 pair of jeans.

pandasnack02 The Panda Snack Bamboo Clothing Line

Okay now on to the subject at hand, a fairly new brand called Panda Snack. We have posted about this brand once before, when they where highlighted in a Washington Post article. But this time, we thought we would take a longer look for ourselves. Who is Panda Snack and what is up with that name? Well, it turns out they make their clothing from, you got, panda’s favorite snack, Bamboo. Here is where they had to say on their about page " Panda Snack is the first and only luxury bamboo knit collection available on the market. Our mission is to create a leading lifestyle brand which combines bamboo fiber, innovative product and a contemporary design philosophy. Our focus will begin with men’s and women’s t-shirts and then increase in scope to include intimates, sportswear and even the ever growing denim market."

pandasnack03 The Panda Snack Bamboo Clothing Line
pandasnack04 The Panda Snack Bamboo Clothing Line

They go on to say, " In an effort to give back some of what has been so freely given to us, we are dedicated to giving back a portion of our profits to environmental and preservation causes. We actively seek projects to participate in and contribute to, literally putting our altruistic philosophy into action." This company is after my own heart, since this is basically what G Living’s mission is all about. Building a strong profit company, based on making a thoughtful, entertaining, informative green product (G Living the site and shows), and funneling a portion of all our profits to the GreenZones Foundation, which is the non-profit side. GreenZones goes out and does good things for the world at large.

So, back to Panda Snack, they have 2 collections out, spring/summer and fall/winer. Both are very modern looking with a sleek New York edge to them. We have included a few images here, but to be honest, we haven’t seen them in person. So, we hope they will be send something our way soon. If they do send us a few items, we can do a follow up post and tell you have much we love the clothing. Well, we hope that is what we will report back…

To checkout the site for yourself, head over to

  • Karoline

    Yes, one of my girlfriends tried some these products and had massive high regard for them. Im just waiting to get my greasy mitts on some :P

  • Derrick Gregory


    How are you doing? I am a male upcoming Model/Actor. I would like to repersent your clothing line. I am infront of the the camers a lot almost everyday out of the week. Sometimes it does get hard, so I would like to collaborate with yout clothing line, and everything that I shoot in I will send you a copy of so that you could post it on the site. If you are interested please feel free to contact me at (310)725-7539, or at the E-Mail listed, and if you need to see some work of mine before you make a decision I would be more than happy to give you a link to veiw my work. I look forward to collaborating with your clothing line.

  • Dana

    This article totally inspired me to stalk Panda Snacks website. While I loved everything they stand for and their whole background, I can't say I was a huge fan of the clothing itself. Maybe it was too classic and standard for my taste. It seemed a bit on the preppy side, and plain jane. The founders seemed totally cool though, and that they really cared about the environment. I feel like it would be a great organization to be a part of, or work as a partner with, I just wished I was more of a fan of their clothing!!

  • Amy

    Dont get me wrong I love looking my best when I go out in public but where in this photoshoot are the women's t shirts. I love how companies are making thier shirts really light weight and breezy for the long and hot summer months. When you live in Texas that is a really big deal.

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