Pentagon Seeks BioJetFuel

militaryaircraft fueling01 Pentagon Seeks BioJetFuel

(via: World Tribune) So now the Pentagon is looking at B-100 From Above. If you have any ideas on how to convert corn oil to military grade JP-8 jet fuel that flows at low temperatures (like those surrounding the C-17 parked in Antarctica, above), now would be the time.

So far, biodiesel fuels have been 25 percent lower in energy density than JP-8. Officials said biodiesel did not flow properly at low temperatures in the atmosphere.

“It is anticipated that the key technology developments needed to obtain the program goal will result from a cross-disciplinary approach spanning the fields of process chemistry and engineering, materials engineering, biotechnology, and propulsion system engineering,” the agency said.

Officials said the program would evaluate the processing of crop oils into a JP-8 surrogate biofuel. They said laboratory-scale production would be tested at a Pentagon facility.

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Not sure how I feel about this one, frankly.

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