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Pimped Out: The Hellbilly Cruiser

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On September 25, 2009 @ 8:00 am In Alternative Vehicles,Biking Monkie Style | No Comments

Were you the coolest kid in school? It was because you had a cool bike right? Pumped up with style and attitude, you popped wheelies around the playground knowing you were all that plus a bag-o-chips. Well, your chance to be a cool cruiser has come around once again.

Check out the hot rod flames on this bad boy ‘Hellbilly’ by Electra Bikes, for example. This sweet little attention magnet would make even a hell-on-wheels actor like Dennis Hopper drool. AND…this ride isn’t just for eye-popping style. Jump on, and you’ll maneuver over potholes, bumps, manholes, and curbs with grace and style. One smooth ride like this and you’ll want to “sexy-city-wheel-it” everywhere.

With 14 years of gear-head tinkering experience, Electra has innovated a frame geometry that provides a comfortable and efficient city ride. ‘She’s got a 7005 aluminum frame with hydro formed top tube, triple clamp steel forks and a Shimano Nexus shifter,’ you say as you lean on your handlebars and boast, ‘but I’m partial to the 24” FATTI-O tires.’

The Hellbilly is designed to give your feet easier reach to the ground. Internally geared hubs shift even when you’re stopped so your wheels feels not only pimped but enhanced. The lowered seat and forward-positioned pedals provide that ‘Harley Hog’ lower center of gravity without the noise or air pollution. Plus, you get better torque, and that’s increased efficiency!

And isn’t being “G” all about efficiency? Doesn’t efficiency mean you GET to cruise? Hellbilly yes! You’ve earned the right to leisurely pedal allowing everyone extra gawk time and you a high ride. You’ll think, ‘Tour de what?’ as you leave bitchin’ skid marks, you wicked hot-rodder, you. It’s that confident, ‘go ahead, check out my wheels’ posture that makes you too cool for school.

Check out the full range of Electra cruisers on their site. Priced between $250-350 the Hellbilly makes it a pretty hot deal.

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