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“Paper or plastic?” It’s the quintessential question of our generation. This G Living staff writer has made several attempts to bring-my-own-bag, without much success. Challenge #1: most grocery bags available for purchase are branded by store. Is it worth getting stoned walking into Trader Joe’s while holding a sac “logo-ed” Whole Foods? Challenge #2: I forget to bring them into the store. Ninety percent of the time. Probably because, (how do I put it delicately) the shopping bags I own are–not very attractive. However, thanks to Aussie company Envirosax I may just kick my disposable habit once and for all.

Envirosax has finally crossed the ocean and opened up an online store servicing North America. Each bag features a feisty graphic, with four collections available in all. They can be bought individually ($6.95) or as a five-bag set ($31.95) that stow away easily in a glove compartment or bicycle basket.

g shoppingbags 2 Posh Grocery Gear

The Monochromatic Series is a solid option for guys or gals. No blaring store logos, no frilly flowers. Plus, each bag allegedly carries up to two standard bags of groceries (will report back after I test them). They come with their own compact pouch for storage in your glove compartment–an important feature for the absent-minded folks like me. Five bags in all for $35. They can also be bought separately. Genius.

Do you know how long does it take for a bag to decompose? According to an article by Slate, scientists wager it may take anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years. But since plastic grocery bags have only been around for 50 years, it’s anyone’s guess. They are the “mystery meat” of the landfill. All that plastic–not so fantastic.

Photos courtesy of Envirosax

  • http://www.soderhavet.to Mahei

    great idea!!!…the more stylistic the bag, the more likely people will use them.

    too cool for school!

  • Alison

    I work at Whole Foods, and every time I see someone with a cute bag, I get so excited. Both for the enviornment and for the style! These are top notch!

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