Post Shimmy Veggie Bliss at NY’s Zen Palate

zen palate1 gliving Post Shimmy Veggie Bliss at NY’s Zen Palate

Relocating to Los Angeles called my attention to the daily routines of New York living I once took for granted. Red brick sidewalks, seasons, and the ubiquitous round-the-clock subway system has now dissolved into freeways, studio lots and a coastline sunset.

Another staple routine I continue to miss is my Thursday night bellydance class on Lafayette Street – both because I enjoyed the class and because afterwards meant a post-shimmy meal at Zen Palate.

Established in 1990 by a group of Buddhist vegetarians, Zen Palate is gourmet “G” at its finest, and the ordering options are legion. Sometimes it was the delicately textured seaweed and soy crepes I craved after ninety minutes of veils and zills.

zen palate2 gliving Post Shimmy Veggie Bliss at NY’s Zen Palate

Other times, a new sword dance choreography had me craving the tangy blend of blanched kale. Warm conversation ensued over fresh squeezed carrot juice, vegetable dumplings wrapped in green tea dough and potato croquettes. The evening might wind down over a sweet banana Bliss dessert with graham cracker crust.

The Union Square based restaurant is crowded but not prohibitively so. There’s an outdoor patio in front to enjoy during summer, fall and spring. Three stories’ worth of indoor tables are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The restaurant was designed by architect, Tony Chi, who is internationally renowned for creating spaces that emphasize inner beauty.

You can imagine my excitement upon discovering that the first California Zen Palate is slated to open soon in Los Angeles! All I have to do now is to find a nearby bellydance class!

For a full listing of menu and Zen Palate locations, check out their site.

zen palate3 gliving Post Shimmy Veggie Bliss at NY’s Zen Palate

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