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President Obama Fixes The World In His First 100 Days!

Posted By G Monkie On February 10, 2009 @ 1:35 pm In Green Report / Media | No Comments

Those of us who voted for President Obama, have been watching the headlines looking for some sign that his government will bring sanity and real justice to America. But of course those who voted for the other guy and marched in step with the Bush thug squad, are saying, things like, it’s time to look forward. It is time to forgive and definitely forget. The nation needs to focus on healing our economy. Let’s just re-write that inconvenient past and let George Bush gracefully fade into history.

The rest of us, would rather get on with bringing out all that smelly grimy festering dirt now, and let justice finally see the light of day. Allowing the average American to once again believe in our own country. That would be real healing. For those of us who believe in the Green movement, the last eight years have seemed like a nightmare which would never end. One crazy bully move after the next by a government focused on nothing but its own propaganda and it’s desire to rule over all others. It felt like we where watching a of version what happened to Germany during the rise of the Nazi’s. A stunned population just letting horrible things happen. It was almost like one of those twisted marvel comics, to crazy to be true.

Will President Obama allow the Bush Government to actually get a way with all the crimes they committed during the last 8 years? Will the new Justice department bring indictments against anyone in the former Bush government? Will Bush himself ever see an indictment, a courtroom, a cell?

Mark Sweney

Amnesty International has launched a tongue-in-cheek online ad showing Barack Obama apparently curing all the world’s problems in a bid to raise awareness of his real pledges on human rights.
The two-minute online video, called “We don’t expect the impossible”, aims to capitalise on the huge feeling of hope and goodwill toward the Obama presidency and its campaign slogan “Yes We Can” ahead of his inauguration on Tuesday.
Amnesty International’s ad, which features a voiceover by former Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart, opens with a presidential figure – who appears to be Obama – walking in a park flanked by advisers and security staff.
The clip, which is set to the upbeat If You Have Faith by Labi Siffre, uses clever editing and special effects to show a range of completely implausible goals achieved byObama in his first 100 days as US president, such as as fixing the global economic crisis on his first day in office.

Full Story at: guardian.co.uk (Barack Obama ‘fixes the world’ in Amnesty International spoof ad)

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