Pure Makeup From the Earth’s Pigments

24skin190 Pure Makeup From the Earths Pigments

Mineral Makeup is the hottest new trend in Makeup Fashion. From MAC to Urban Decay, Physicians Formula, Bare Escentuals, Jane Iredale, everyone seems to be offering mineral lines now. People love the purity, versatility, and lightness of the makeup. It doesn’t feel like you have anything on, it’s not heavy or oily like standard makeup. It doesn’t clog the pores or need any chemicals or preservatives that can cause skin reactions, breakouts and health concerns. The purist products are pure crushed minerals with nothing added. NY Times recently reported on this new Beauty Trend:

Makeup, Excavated From a Mine

THE claims of mineral makeup sound near miraculous.
Makeup so pure you can sleep in it boasts Bare Escentuals about its i.d. bareMinerals line. Go ahead, it’s good for you, urges Urban Decay about its Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup.

Companies say the products heal skin, provide natural sunblock, last longer than ordinary makeup and are so safe they can even be used in the sensitive days after plastic surgery. And as if that is not enough, the mineral langes are promoted as water resistant, responsible for giving the skin a glowy, silky look and good for women with oily or dry skin. Continue Reading This Article at New York Times

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