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macys purely organic Purely Organic | But Organic What?

Why keep toweling off with conventional cotton or snuggling up to man-made fibers? With Earth Day just around the corner, what better way express your love to Mother Earth (and pamper yourself at the same time) than by replacing your sheets and towels with organic varieties?

Of course, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Haven by Hotel Collection offers the eco-sounding “Purely Organic” collection of towels and sheets. But after reading further, I’m wondering if they truly are. The towels description reads: “Bring peace and serenity into your bathroom with the Haven bath towels from the Hotel Collection. This 100% ring spun cotton towel features a luxuriously soft touch and modern design”. Hmmmm. Ring spun cotton? That’s not the same as saying “100% organic cotton”, is it? Similar story with the sheets: “Dream on the Eco-chic softness of the Purely Organic sheets. Made from long-staple 100% cotton yarns, these sheets feature a matte finish and a soft touch that is good for you and the environment”. 100% cotton yarns? Again, no mention of cotton and organic together. It might be an innocent omission, or it might not.

I put in a call to Macy’s for further clarification (updates will be available as they emerge), but regardless, I think this raises an interesting issue. It’s one thing to claim organic and another thing to be it. But just like there’s a legal difference in the caloric amount of “light” peanut butter vs. “lite” peanut butter, it’s often difficult to know for sure what you’re getting.

My advice is to double check your sources so you can ensure you’re drying off and drifting off in peace.

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