Radiohead | All I Need (Official Video)

0 Radiohead | All I Need (Official Video)

I am continually blown away by Thom York and Radiohead. Everything they do, they seem to do with such passion and simplicity. In a simple split screen video for their song All I Need, the guys give us a glimpse of two kids lives. One kid is living the typical western privileged life with all the luxury’s money can buy. Simple things like, a bedroom, a bed, clothing, good food, schools, the luxury of having fun. The other kid, is living the other type of life, the type kids live in poor over crowed 3rd world countries. He is growing up on the floor of a factory, assembling products and sleeping on a floor.

Maybe the not so lucky kids life will stay in the minds of Radiohead fans and making them more aware of buying free trade and green items. So one day all kids can have a good life, no matter where they happen to be born.

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