Raw Coconut Snowball Macaroons (Bite This)

Raw Coconut Snowballs cookies 01 Raw Coconut Snowball Macaroons (Bite This)

Now that you have mastered making your own Almond Milk... :) … what, you ask, do you do with all the left over almond pulp…? Make COOKIES!!

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For the Recipe

1 cup almond pulp

1 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

2 TB agave or maple syrup

2 TB maple sugar

2 TB coconut butter/oil, melted

1 TB vanilla extract

a few dash of ground cinnamon

pinch of sea salt

extra coconut flakes for top of cookies

1. Mix everything together in a bowl until combine, adding more coconut flakes if the mixture is to wet.
2. Taste and add more sweetener if necessary.
3. Using a TB, scoop dough onto teflex sheets on dehydrator trays.
4. Sprinkle and press coconut flakes onto top of cookies.
5. Dehydrate 12-24 hours at 110 degrees or until desired consistency.

  • Eli

    this looks amazing. i will definitely try it. thanks

  • Rawfood Rawguru

    Macaroons are definitely one of the easiest and tastiest raw cookies to make, it’s pretty much a must to make cookies if you’re making nut milk with all the leftover pulp involved. I also like to dehydrator the pulp on it’s own and store for later. Then it can be ground into almond flour in a coffee grinder and used in these types of recipes too! Thanks for the recipe, looks delish! = )

  • Aria

    you are so welcome! they really are yummy yummy…

  • http://www.2daysphotos.com Rosemary

    I am going to try these!

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