Raw Energy Bar Recipe With Brendan Brazier

Our friend Brendan Brazier, the vegan tri-athlete, author and formulator of the Vega food products, stopped by to show Sarah and Boise how to make a raw energy bar. This is one of the first products Brendan created during his early days of training.

  • Larsendmd

    Brendan,  great blog!  I’m a fellow runner and triathlete, and I just finished the Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from e-Cornell and you were featured in the course.  I have both of your books, have followed you for some time, and in the PB course, they are basically promoting no added oils from any source.  I know in your books you talk a lot about oils and say they can be a great source of high density energy.  I am tall and skinny, many people think I am too skinny, which I don’t like.  When I go no oils, I lose even more weight.  I’m really not sure what to think about the no oils.  I have heard about healthy oils for a long time and from a lot of sources.  What do you think?

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