Raw Food Weight Loss Not Presto Chango

lasange sarno Raw Food Weight Loss Not Presto Chango

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We’ve all heard the magical claims of “raw food equals weight loss”. And personally speaking, I’ve shed a few pounds eating raw foods. But I’ve also gained a couple eating raw foods. This isn’t because I’m a crappy magician. It’s because raw foods don’t have any mystic qualities that simply make the pounds just go poof and disappear. While that would be nice, the truth is, there is no easy fix. Weight loss doesn’t work like that.

Before you give me the evil eye, let me be the first to say that I LOVE raw foods. Any diet that incorporates copious amounts of fresh vegetables and fruit is going to be a superfantastic one in my book. And when practiced in a balanced matter, raw foods are a terrific contribution to abundant health.

But being healthy and losing weight are not the same thing. They’re often grouped together, but that’s just good marketing. Being healthy is a broad term that involves making better lifestyle choices that promote well-being. (And yes, sometimes weight loss is necessary to achieve this level of well-being.) But losing weight in and of itself is nothing more than a calorie issue: burn more calories than you take in and you’ll lose weight. Unromantic, I know, but it’s true.

Technically speaking, I can eat nothing but donuts all day, but if the total amount of donut calories consumed is less than the calories I burn, I’m going to lose weight. (Of course, I’m going for the extreme example here. The donut diet is NOT healthy. Please don’t try this at home.) Similarly, I could be 100% raw, but if I go all kinds of crazy on one of the higher calorie raw treats (damn you, raw brownies!), I’m going to gain weight.

The easiest way to maximize the weight-loss effects of a raw food diet is to focus on eating vegetables and fruit in their fresh state and save the dehydrated goodies for special occasions. The fresh food will be a fraction of the calories of its dehydrated counterpart by weight, and its high water content will keep you feeling full longer. But that doesn’t mean you can eat your weight in fruit and vegetables and stay a healthy size.

The truth behind the magic is simple: losing weight is a caloric numbers game, while physical health is a putting-the-best-foods-in-your-body game. You can do both — like losing weight on a raw food diet — but only if you still play by the caloric rules.

  • Raw Lady

    Of course it's about caloric intake BUT there IS more to it than that, for instance, blood sugar, toxicity or alkalinity of the body, hormones etc. that can affect one's weight. If you live a raw food lifestyle and do it sensibly (it can be done many different ways and there is not one singke raw food diet), you have a lot less problems with for instance blood sugar spikes, appetite enhancers, etc simply because your food is more natural and less refined, contains far kess chemicals, etc. I don't fully agree with you for that matter, even though it is very well possible to gain weight on raw or never lose any weight. Most people eat too much salt even on a raw food diet to lose weight. I really have learned from my own experience that one is much more likely to succeed in losing weight and staying thin, living a raw food lifestyle than any other diet or lifestyle because of many things like water content of food (raw is high water), fiber content (raw is high fiber), lack of appetite enhancers (nothing is generally added to raw produce that is added to packaged foods), chemicals (yes they do affect weight and toxicity), refined high glycemic ingredients (the less natural a food is, usually the more refined and the higher on the glycemic index thus affecting blood sugar levels and fat storing hormones), more enzymes that can aid digestion (good digestion makes for a fit body). I mean, the list of benefits goes on but I think it would be hard for a 'newbie' to have enough knowledge to do this 'diet' properly. It is really not a diet and the biggest downside is the social stigma of being weird, different or 'fussy with food'. If you are not afraid of all this and your goal is to strive for fitness, anti-aging and a thin body, then a raw food lifestyle really is the best way to go. Most rawies however cheat a lot with foods that really aren't raw and also, food combining is also important, as well as skipping the salt. It took me years of exploring this lifestyle and it isn't always easy nor am I perfect with it, but I can honestly say I hear almost every day from people I have never met before that they can't believe I am 34, they think I am 18-25 and I am very lean. For me, it isn;t just about being thin, you can do that with drugs or smoking, for me it's about having great hair too and having good skin from the inside out. I hope this helps some people. There IS more to weight loss than calories in vs. calories out but indeed it isn't as simple as one can go raw and lose weight. Most do however. There are foods that stimulate the metabolism and those that suppress it. There are foods that stimulate bowel movements and those that suppress it. I think if one wants to do the raw lifestyle successfully, it does take a lot of reading and learning. It's like a paradigm shift.

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