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I thought I had water figured out. Municipal tap and all its goodies like chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and toilet paper residue were long gone from my reality. When I would see friends and family drinking it I would cringe inside. We are giving ourselves a light dose of antibiotics when we drink chlorinated water. And fluoride? Can anyone say mind control? Google “fluoride mind control” for some very interesting reading material.

I was a bottled water drinker. I hated the idea of all the plastic, but I tried as much as possible to buy gallon bottles and to reuse them for watering my plants or other duties. I figured they were quickly recycled anyways.

Then I started to learn about xenoestrogens (estrogens found outside of nature, such as in PLASTIC), and how they were totally screwing with our endocrine systems. Feminizing men and giving cancer to women…wha? Just because plastic is EVERYWHERE, doesn’t mean that its ok to use. We are not only what we eat, but also what we drink. Drink more plastic…could it be? So what to do about all of this?

I came across Daniel Vitalis through the website We Like it Raw. He has been experimenting with optimal nutrition for 15 years, going through vegan to raw-vegan to wild foods, and now even grass fed animal products. He is about thriving, and his approach to nutrition has inspired me immensely.

healthy spring water rawmodel 02 RawModel Re Discovers Water

His most influential work so far in my opinion were the breakthroughs with water and the sharing of that information, which has empowered and elevated many people lucky enough to come across the info.

His approach to water? Drink water directly from the source, the natural mountain spring, and store it in glass until consumed. No plastic if possible, no pressured pipes and shipping. Water that has been incubating under the ground for perhaps thousands of years.

He has been doing this for over three years, and myself, 6 weeks. But the thought of buying plastic bottled water again really seems unlikely. I will now rent a car, bring 4 bottles that each hold 5-6 gallons, and will supply our apt with drinking and tea water for a month. We spend a day in nature, go for a hike, and harvest the best water possible.

Everyone I have shared the water with KNOWS what I am talking about. Its far more difficult to get friends and family into eating healthy, but getting them excited about highly-structured spring water directly from the source is definitely a different story. They GET IT. The idea of pre-industrial revolution era water MAKES SENSE.

Here is me harvesting some water in northern New Jersey of all places. 70 minutes outside of NYC. I realize that I am using plastic, but it is for a very short period and I get it into glass as soon as possible!

Think about it. I would prefer to RENT A CAR and drive for 2 hours roundtrip to get water. There is obviously something special about this stuff. Its empowering and really life-changing. I would highly recommend check out Daniel’s spring database site findaspring.com and his Elixercraft Mastery site elixir-mastery.com. Despite the driving (and we could all carpool), this is the greenest way to get your water. Watch the videos for more info and inspiration!

Im ruined. Now I can’t even accept water to drink when I visit someone’s home. Perfect. As if being raw wasn’t difficult enough ;o) Here is Daniel talking about water and health, very powerful ideas here.

  • http://greenchefs.tv Jana

    Thanks. I'm not scared by the officials. I drink spring water but I don't

    bottle it myself. I would just want to investigate any source I found and

    test the water if I was going to be using it frequently. Like how well

    water owners test their water periodically.

    This site sells home kits so you can do it yourself. http://www.discovertesting.com/products/display_p

  • http://greenchefs.tv Jana
  • http://www.rawmodel.com Rawmodel

    Your two best tools are a thermometer and a tds meter…you are looking for cold water and a low tds.

    The spring I go to reads 30. The well water from my home in Minnesota reads 270. So that right there tells you how clean the spring water is. Plus, it reads at 50 F, so you know its really cold and no bacteria is growing there. No one I have ever met has EVER become sick from springwater.

    Dont let the “officials” scare you…these are the same officials that tell us that drinking fluoride and chlorine is ok. Think about it.

  • http://www.debbiedoesraw.blogspot.com Debbie

    as always you inspire me, that reminds me to order my new spring water delivery!
    no more plasticS!
    xooxo deb

  • http://www.rawmodel.com Rawmodel

    For sure…all springs are different. Thats why findaspring.com really helps.
    And most springs will be frequented by locals who have been drinking the stuff
    for ages.

    Officials will ALWAYS use caution, but they are vibrating on a whole different
    frequency than most of us on here. Extreme health requires courage and
    intelligence. Never do we hear about xenoestrogens, but they try to scare us
    about some possible contamination. I am just so over anything those people have
    to say…their credibility is worth nothing.

    Always ask around your area and test the site…usually the county you live
    in will have a recent test posted nearby as well.

    Again…its up to us to provide the best health…the doctors and officials are
    dependent on most of us being sick.

  • http://www.rawmodel.com Rawmodel

    thats right girl!! No more plastics! Just because its everywhere doesnt mean its ok!

    Love ya! Happy b-day!

  • Jana

    Thanks. Honestly, officials have nothing to do with my curiosity to

    test the water, just science. Like most people, I've never collected

    it myself, so I didn't know what to look for if I come upon a spring.

    I totally agree about the plastic, it sucks. However, besides for the

    lack of being stored in plastic, are there other major health benefits to

    getting the water yourself? The spring water I buy is sourced only 3

    hours from where I live, which is about the distance I would have to

    drive to the nearest spring near me. So, it's pretty local. I also know

    there are some companies that bottle in glass like Mountain Valley

    has up to 5 gallon bottles that are glass.

    Getting it yourself is obviously the most ideal, just a lot more work

    and driving. Hopefully when I move there will be springs closer by

    and someday I'll have my own water source on my land. I think it's

    great that you put that much work into getting it yourself. Maybe

    people will start creating co-ops and local delivery services.

  • Edie

    Thank you RawModel for sharing your insights on spring water, the Daniel Vitalis videos – mesmorizing! – and the dialogue with Jana. I currently use a Niken water filter and an “optimizer” which spins and magnetizes the filtered water for 9 minutes. The idea is to duplicate, to the extent possible, the condition spring water is found in at the source. I am inspired to locate a spring in my community and take water consumption to the next level. I am very grateful for Daniel’s knowledge and to you for sharing it with us. Thank you.

  • Alan Martin

    maybe you could buy some bottled spring water? you have too much time on your hands, you should dedicate to help others instead of this folly

  • http://www.debbiedoesraw.blogspot.com Debbie

    too bad you have to get nasty. Anthony has helped many people through his writing and his life example.
    Maybe you should help others instead of being so critical?
    just a thought

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