Recycled Sweaters to the Rescue!

girlsweaterfmis Recycled Sweaters to the Rescue!

With one day left of November, it is clear that the cold season is upon us. You could spend your time browsing through oodles of thrift stores, trying to find just the right wool sweater to keep you warm this year, but who has time for that!? Instead, try buying from ekologic and Mod to Modern; both of them make all of their items from recycled sweaters.

From hats and scarves to mittens and sweaters, every item ekologic makes is unique (part of the joy of using recycled garments). “We hunt for treasures and dismantle each garment; taking time to recognize its unique character and individual beauty. The material is then transformed by joining it with other pieces. Separate elements finding harmony together. There is a little magic and a lot of love in each piece we construct. We use what we find. We deliberate over each coloration and custom create a diverse collection of clothing and accessories.” One of the most popular sellers for the fashion-forward set is the women’s cuff and collar duo (in the picture at left). Depending on the weather (or your outfit), you can wear the collar around your neck or as a snazzy hair band.

modtomodern Recycled Sweaters to the Rescue!
Hailing from Vancouver, Mod to Modern is a one-woman business, deconstructing as many as eight salvaged sweaters to create each one of a kind piece. “Wearing a recycled wool sweater creation from mod to modern is like being wrapped in a soft, warm hug. Each lovingly re-styled garment is a creamy confection of color and texture. You may recognize a sleeve from your grandfather’s cashmere cardigan, the buttons from your mom’s angora Christmas sweater, or the collar from a little pink lambs wool number you wore on a spring evening. These unique, redesigned sweaters are as beautifully wearable as they are eco-friendly. When you purchase a mod to modern sweater you can feel good about keeping post-consumer goods from the landfill while supporting small independent business.”

I can’t help but return to the point that whatever you buy from these great small businesses is unique – no one else will have the same style or color you do. Staying warm, fashionable, and G has never been so easy!

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