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replyshoe 01 RePly | Keeping Skateboards Under Foot

It’s hard to think of used skateboards as being ladylike, but Kris Lovett — a University of Arts graduate — has found a way to combine his love for skateboarding, design and women and transform it all into a hip line of colorful shoes.

Skateboarding is often thought of as an eco-crime; more than 100,000 decks are produced each month in the United States alone. But rather than watch them junked, Lovett stepped up to the plate and used his fashion-forward thinking to make sure that the discarded ones saw life beyond all that rough riding, rolling and grinding.

His shoe designs are as unique as their origins. The wooden heels come in bright colors and with plenty of history. Lovett says, “By utilizing the overall shape and material properties found within the deck, the women’s shoe takes on an interesting aesthetic quality.”

replyshoe 02 RePly | Keeping Skateboards Under Foot

While designing fabulous footwear sounds like a clever way to score some dates, Kris claims to be thinking beyond his little black book. He says he came up with the idea for his line while standing on the tail of his board. He noticed the geometry the skateboard made with the ground and realized a women’s shoe fit perfectly into the shape.

But geometry aside, his main driving force was the environment.

From recycled boards, Lovett has fashioned great-looking espadrilles and sandals with heels as sturdy as the seven ply. And while the shoes are not being mass marketed yet, I have high hopes I’ll be sporting them by spring.

replyshoe 03 RePly | Keeping Skateboards Under Foot

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