Re:volve Promotes Positive Social Messaging

Let’s face it: with a thick layer of negativity permeating the planet, we could all use a dose of positivity. Thankfully, we’ve got Re:volve working to create a better, more sustainable future.

The ethical clothing line debuted at LA’s uber trendy Fred Segal store late last year amid scores of flash bulbs and paparazzi. Socially conscious celebrities Amy Smart, Roger Cross and a camera-shy Anthony Kedis were among the supporters of this brand spanking new sustainable style endeavor from husband and wife design team Joe and Amy Tomlinson.

Parents of six, Joe and Amy were inspired by the lack of positive role models and positive images in pop culture. Rather than lament the status quo, they decided to get creative and do it to great effect.

gfashion reevolve 02 Re:volve Promotes Positive Social Messaging

The backbone of the collection is the line of 100% organic cotton tees, which are emblazoned with positive social messages like End War, Peace and Wear Your Waste. A limited edition series comprised of organic cotton and recycled Coke bottles is also available.

Cooler still, the entire colorful collection was created using e color, an innovative water-free dyeing process brainchilded by the designers. Fleeces made recycled PET bottles and tote bags made from recycled sails were also on offer.

While wearing an organic cotton T probably won’t end a war, having your voice heard (or, in this case, read) is always a good step.

gfashion reevolve 01 Re:volve Promotes Positive Social Messaging

  • Monique

    blah. here comes Coca-Cola and turns plastic bottles into T-shirts and we should call them eco-friendly? errrrr, think again? They have the money and the power to stop using the plastic bottles. They have the money and the power to actually put some oranges into that Fanta thing. And what do they do instead? T-Shirts out of junk. You’d have to have a bit of a drone fever not to notice the hypocrisy.

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