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What I love about Robin Quivers is her never-failing ability to be her own person. As Howard Stern’s longtime radio sidekick, she seems to be the only member of his team who’s able to stand up to the shock jock and speak her mind. She’s also managed to remain interesting in her own right, which isn’t an easy feat in a Stern-dominated world. From racial concerns to body issues, Robin says and does what she wants — even when it comes to food.

After years of pigging out with Howard on Roy Rogers, Robin has discovered the joys of fasting and consuming a plant-based diet. Robin was recently featured on New York Magazine’s website,touting the benefits of her new eating regimen.

“I was having trouble with discomfort, lack of energy,” she tells the mag, and “when I discovered fasting all these things went away.” Including a whopping 60 pounds in six months.

So, what exactly is she eating? “A juice every morning”, which she gets from a local New York organic juice bar (comprised of greens, beets, apple juice and carrots), another juice for lunch (“usually of kale and romaine and apple and lemon”) with a green salad and a dinner of grilled vegetables with the occasional helping of pasta.

Despite the occasional indulgence of white flour — her vice of choice is soft pretzels — Robin says her new healthy way of eating has given her more energy and vitality and even allows her to “spring out of bed” without the need for coffee.

What do her co-workers think of her new eating habits? They mock her, naturally. (What would you expect?) But as always, Robin can take it. “I sometimes say to them, ‘You’re the guys who can’t make it through the show. By 9:30 a.m., you’re falling asleep. I seem to be fine.’”

That’s sounds more than fine by me. For more specifics on Robin’s diet, check out the New York Magazine article.

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