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Romney Eats Granola | But Where Is He on the Environment?

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On February 25, 2008 @ 7:03 pm In Green Report / Media | No Comments

You might have seen it a month ago. Mitt Romney took a break from the campaign trail to appear on Leno’s Tonight Show and get a bit more publicity for an already sickening campaign season. Jay asked Mitt how he keeps fit, and Romney divulged that an important piece of his fitness is eating a bowl of homemade (by his wife, Ann) granola every morning. If the Democrats were half as malicious as Republicans, they would use this revelation to discredit Mitt with his party’s faithful — much like the Right has been making hay with Barack’s middle name, Hussein.

But don’t even think about considering Mitt as part of the Granola Movement. He supports the military-industrial machine as much as anyone. For starters, he disagreed with President Bush signing the Energy Bill because 35 mpg is simply unrealistic. Even if we give him a break on this issue – remember, he grew up in Michigan – there’s plenty more that makes him anti “G”.

For instance, his official website only mentions environmental issues in passing, cased in terms of “Energy Independence.” Within this myopic view of global climate issues, his only semi “G” policy is investing in alternative research. Of course this is mitigated by the Republican “reduce-spending” philosophy, so it’s unlikely that alternative energy would ever see a dime. The rest of his energy platform involves resurrecting nukes, cleaning up coal, opening up ANWR, and making grids more efficient.

Oh yeah, there’s also an ambiguous comment about “providing presidential leadership” on solving the energy problem. And if you’re wondering, I didn’t find one mention of global warming on his site; I only found an obscure reference stating, “it’s not United States warming, it’s global warming.” So we should let the rest of the world worry about it?

Come on Mitt. Wake up. And while you’re at it, wake up the rest of your party. The future of energy is now, not tomorrow.

Click here for Romney’s official energy policy.

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