Looking Back | Rory Freedman On The Real G! The Skinny on Skinny Bitch

Written by Winston Gieseke

How many skinny bitches does it take to make a bestseller?

With a steady following (and the help of celebrity photo-endorsers like Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba), Skinny Bitch has become a runaway sensation. After less than two years in print, a whopping 600,000 copies exist worldwide and translation rights have been procured for seven different languages. Yes, there are wannabe skinny bitches everywhere.

I recently caught up with co-author (and G Living correspondent) Rory Freedman for an update on the phenomenon she helped create. In her typically humble fashion, Rory is taking the success in stride. “It’s hard to really wrap my mind around the machine that is Skinny Bitch. When Kim and I set out to write the book, it was because we wanted to change the world for people, animals, and the environment. But now, when people tell me how much the book has impacted them, it doesn’t feel like I had anything to do with it. Somehow, it just feels separate from me.” That doesn’t discount the book’s impact, of course. Rory says she’s thrilled that Skinny Bitch has reached so many people and is making a difference for them.

skinnybitch inthekitch bookby rory freedman 01 Looking Back |  Rory Freedman On The Real G!  The Skinny on Skinny Bitch

So, what’s next for Rory and Kim? “Our cookbook, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, is coming out December 10, so we’re excited about that. In January, we’ll be doing a book tour to promote it, and I’ll be in NYC, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. It’ll be a lot of radio, TV, newspaper, and magazine interviews; a ton of meetings; and a boatload of travel, all packed into a small period of time. But the fact that I get to try new restaurants (and revisit old favorites) in every city is all the motivation I need.”

Sounds exciting. Looking forward to the new book. In the meantime, G Living wishes Rory and Kim continued success!

Skinny Bitch in the Kitch is available for pre-order now.

skinnybitch inthekitch bookby rory freedman 02 Looking Back |  Rory Freedman On The Real G!  The Skinny on Skinny Bitch

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