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roxraw1 Roxanne Klein | The Comeback Queen

Maybe you’ve heard of her…chef and creator of the hugely popular Roxanne’s restaurant in Marin County, co-author of the un-cookbook Raw with famed Chicago chef, Charlie Trotter, and wife of wealthy environmentalist Michael Klein. We have Roxanne Klein to thank for catapulting gourmet raw food into the mainstream. Without her, people would still be thinking that raw food was just about a bunch of hippies eating carrot and celery sticks.

Her restaurant was a huge success, no expense was spared. It became “the” destination spot for serious foodies, vegetarian or not. What she could do with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds was amazing. She was at the height of her career when it all went south. The restaurant closed suddenly, due to the breakup between her and her husband we later found out, and Roxanne disappeared from the media spot light until now.

Now, she’s back together with Michael and teamed up with Larry Brucia – a 33-year veteran of the natural foods business and CEO of Sutti Associates – to launch Roxanne’s Fine Cuisine, a line of high-end raw products, scheduled to debut mid-January in the Bay Area. The product line will consist of 34 products, including her version of ice cream, prepackaged crackers and breads, snacks, sandwiches, a new sliceable mozzarella product and take out lunch items like veggie wraps. The product line will roll out in 30-40 markets, starting with Whole Foods, Klein says. The plan is to start out in California and then to expand nation-wide. Roxanne says she’s not pushing a raw diet with her new product line, “It’s just really delicious food that happens to be organic and the healthiest thing you can eat.”

The book she wrote with Charlie Trotter was reissued in paperback last March. If you don’t already have a copy, I would highly recommend it. Even if you never attempt to make a single recipe, it’s worth it just to salivate at all the pictures. Roxanne and Brucia are also setting up a website which is currently under construction:

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