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Sainsbury | Fashion and Food Under One Roof

Posted By Jennifer Buonantony On April 24, 2008 @ 12:28 am In G Living,Style / Fashion / Beauty | No Comments

We’ve all walked into our local Ralph’s, Whole Foods or one-stop shopping chain and witnessed the recent surge in carrier bags made from recycled plastic. But imagine walking into one of these stores wearing clothing made with the same eco-consciousness in mind. Sainsbury, the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, is taking recycled plastic to the next level.

Public demand to shop at eco-friendly stores and purchase green products has caused competition for establishments to provide environmentally friendly shopping options. The most prominent of these has become the carrier bags, which usually feature the store logo and are sold at a minimum price to encourage consumers to select these re-usable bags rather than traditional plastic or paper options. Sainsbury is no stranger to these bags, but unlike most stores who offer one type of reusable bag, Sainsbury decided to combine fashion with food purchasing and create more than six different niche carrier bags. A decorative Wine Bag for carrying up to six bottles, a trendy blue Cool Bag for keeping food insulated, and its best-seller — the 100% recycled Bag for Life which they will replace for free when worn! Try trading in your favorite Marc Jacobs each season!

With the positive consumer response to this line, Sainsbury decided to take the chance of being the first supermarket chain to produce an entire line of environmentally friendly clothing. Fashion and Food under one roof.

This line will feature clothes made entirely from recycled plastics, from consumer recycled bottles and food packaging. It will be available exclusively in over 250 Sainsbury store locations later this year. The clothes will range from trousers and shirts to dresses and skirts, and will be made with a viscose or polyester type fabric.

The question remains, do consumers want to purchase their clothes and food from the same place? Sainsbury already carries several brands of clothing and appliances in addition to their food, much like Target in the U.S. I can’t help but wonder if their eco-clothing line can be as much a sustainable business as it is a product.

Whether or not you find yourself walking into a Sainsbury wearing their clothes, carrying their bags and buying their organic foods, the vision of one company providing you with all of your choices for a “G” lifestyle sure is food for thought.

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