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sam branson green arctic Sam Branson | Green Ambassador From the Arctic

One of London’s hottest radio stations wants you to Kiss the Planet. As a way to teach today’s twentysomethings a thing or two about the environment, KISS 100 has hired the 22-year-old son of Sir Richard Branson (of Virgin fame) to act as its “green ambassador”. Sam Branson has begun broadcasting on the station and blogging on its website as he heads across the Arctic wilderness investigating the “impact global warming is having on this fragile environment.”

The reason for the six-person 1,400 mile dog sled exploration is simple, says Branson: “The Arctic is such an extreme environment that every slight change is noticed. Living in our towns and cities we are detached from those changes even though they are going on around us all the time.”

KISS, meanwhile, is doing their part from the London studio and on the internet, airing updates and inviting listeners to e-mail questions for Sam. Also included on the site are some amazing Arctic photos from the voyage and tips on how to lower your personal impact on the planet.

Branson hopes to inspire people his age to love the world more and understand the fact that every choice we make impacts it in some way. “I’m not saying give up the things you love but we can all play a small part to make a difference.”

It’s nice to see the son of a billionaire out there doing something positive instead of sitting around waiting for his inheritance. It sounds like Sir Richard (who has also lent his name and money to environmental and humanitarian causes) raised his kid rights.

The best of luck to Sam as he sleds across the ice kissing the planet. Hopefully the planet will kiss him back.

For more info or to read Sam’s blog, click here.

(via the Guardian and Kiss The PlanetPhoto from The Guardian.)

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