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The location is San Francisco. The year is 2106. The city is powered by geothermal energy “mushrooms” and algae-harvesting towers produce hydrogen, which is stored and distributed via a series of carbon nanotube walls. Fog catchers capture moisture from the atmosphere to distill fresh water.

A network of above ground and underground systems “fulfill infrastructural needs for the movement of people, water, hover-cars, and energy throughout the city”. Taking cues from nature, a giant super system resembling seaweed and chantrelle mushroom will hold together this network to collect water, power and distribute it across the city.

sf ecotopia 004 San Francisco | Future Ecotopia

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This stunningly vision of Hydro-Net, the San Francisco of the future, is the brainchild of IwamotoScott Architects. Their thought-provoking design for a northern California ecotopia recently won the History Channel’s City of the Future competition. One glimpse of the “full-scale urban system that combines the most innovative green technologies with San Francisco’s unique microclimate and geological conditions” and it’s easy to see why.

Will it ever happen? That’s the not a question I can answer. “But should it happen?” That’s a different story altogether.

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