Sandra Bullock Pimps Her New Soy Candle Line On Oprah

sandra bullock eco candles ophra1 Sandra Bullock Pimps Her New Soy Candle Line On Oprah

In the unlikelihood of Sandra Bullock losing her title as America’s Sweetheart (it could happen — look at Meg Ryan) and somehow blowing through the zillions of dollars she’s made, she might be able to jumpstart a new career as a green advisor.

You don’t believe me? You would if you’d seen her on Oprah promoting Earth Day. Sandra, who says she only uses organic or homemade cleaners, gave a terrifically informative walk-thru of ordinary household items that can be used in place of chemical-filled or pricey green cleaning products. And unlike a lot of celebrities, who always sound like they’re reciting from a script when they talk about global issues, Sandra seems to know her stuff.

She also offered an interesting discourse on her new Bessence soy candle line, which she sells out of her Bess Bistro in Austin, Texas. Where in the world Sandra found the time to open a restaurant and design candles is beyond me. But after reading about the dangers of lead wicks, Sandra evidently did her research and got to work making toxic-free ones.

Every Bessence candle, according to the Bess Bistro site, “is poured, cleaned and packaged individually, by hand, using a specially formulated soy based wax, designed for our high fragrance levels. This meticulously crafted mixture is combined with eco-friendly 100% lead free paper wicks to produce an exquisite smelling candle that burns cleanly and evenly for up to 50 hours (up to 15 hours for smaller sizes).”

At $39.95, the candles are a bit spendy, but it beats breathing in toxic chemicals, right? (If only I’d been in Oprah’s audience, I would have gotten one for free. Oh well.)

Already a big fan, I personally don’t need another reason to love Sandra Bullock, but if you do, check out her candles.

(via Ecorazzi)

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