Sarah Backhouse | 30-Day G / Diet Experiment

sarahbackhouse gdiet 02 Sarah Backhouse | 30 Day G / Diet Experiment

I’m a pescatarian; I’ve not consumed meat for over 20 years — and with the exception of yogurt and the odd mouthful of ricotta cheese, I don’t do dairy. You know what this means? That I’m some sushi and a Yoplait away from a being a… vegan.

Ordinarily the “V” word is a no-go word at our modern, green lifestyle network. And I know why. “Vegan” just sounds scary — hardcore and militant, yet at the same time conjuring up images of sprouts, matted hair and bad hygiene. Or maybe that’s just me. Here at G Living we call everything Plant Based, because that is all Vegan really means.

But recently, things have brightened somewhat, as veganism has been given a celebrity-endorsed makeover. Skinny bitches everywhere from Pamela Anderson to Alicia Silverstone are proudly subsisting on plant-based diets. And you know what? I’m going to follow in the footsteps of those flaxon haired lovelies… for at least 30 days.

sarahbackhouse gdiet 04 Sarah Backhouse | 30 Day G / Diet Experiment

That’s right: what’s good enough for Pamela and Alicia is good enough for Sarah.

Of course, it’s not celebrity that’s steering me. The watershed moment happened this past weekend. Halfway through my grilled salmon salad, I suddenly felt… remorse for eating something I know isn’t sustainable. Intellectually, I’ve known for sometime that we’ve been overfishing, but gastronomically, I didn’t want to admit it to myself.

So, in the tradition of Morgan Spurlock, I’m going strictly vegan for 30 days. Starting today. I’ll give you updates on what I’m eating and what I’m craving, if anything. I offer no promises as to what will happen after that, but in the meantime, I hope to save the lives of at least a few salmon.

Check back for updates on Sarah’s 30-day vegan experiment.

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