Sarah Backhouse | Day 20 | Curse of the Blinis

backhouse 02 Sarah Backhouse | Day 20 | Curse of the Blinis

I’m happy to report that I’m getting close to reaching my goal of 30 days subsisting solely on plant-based foods. Truth be told, it was nearly over on day 16, when a platter of smoked salmon blinis almost got the better of me. It happened at a swanky work-related cocktail reception, where I foolishly turned up famished. I didn’t realize just how hungry I was until platter after platter of these exquisite morsels tempted my stomach and my resolve.

Blinis are pretty much the perfect food, as far as I’m concerned: light fluffy buckwheat pancakes topped with succulent smoked salmon, a dollop of creme fraiche and garnished with caviar. And these were as delicious as they looked. I know this because, like an ex-smoker trying to get a hit of secondhand smoke, I masochistically watched as my friend consumed several before demanding he that describe the experience to me in explicit detail.

After I discovering the only non-animal option at the party was a deep-fried mushroom spring roll (about as healthy as a heart attack), my desperation began to skyrocket. Irrational thoughts began crossing my mind. What if I just ate one? Maybe my colleagues wouldn’t notice. Or even if they did — big deal! It’s a party. Better still, what if I broke away from the pack, took a trip to bathroom perhaps? On route, I could corner one of waiters with their platters of blinis, gorge myself and no-one would be the wiser.

I was beginning to scare myself.

At one stage, much later in the night, my friend and I found ourselves were alone outside when the blinis came around… again. There was a seemingly endless supply. Annoyed by my constant whining, my friend suggested I just eat one and be done with it. So, I took a single blini from the platter and held it in my hand for a good ten seconds, all the while imagining how good it would taste and how it would finally satisfy my craving.

Then just as I was about to take a bite, that annoying old adage crept into my head: “you’re only cheating yourself.” So, I refrained. (It didn’t go to waste. My friend ate it.)

The moral of the story: temptations are all around us, regardless of whether it’s holiday time or just after. But stick to your ideological and dietary guns and you’ll feel better in the long run. In my case, plant-based living has resulted in me feel lighter, fitter, more energized and cleaner — given that I’m not ingesting mercury, growth hormones or antibiotics.

Stay tuned for further observations in my penultimate plant-based entry.

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