Sarah Backhouse | G Diet Experiment Day 5

sarah vdiet day5 Sarah Backhouse | G Diet Experiment Day 5

It’s day 5 of my plant-only experiment, and I’m becoming acutely aware of what I put into my gob on a daily basis. I am definitely eating more fruits and vegetables — but because they’re not as filling as, say, large chunks of animal protein, I feel like I’m constantly snacking. (Oh, and I almost messed up yesterday by inadvertently adding natural yogurt to dilute my green goddess salad dressing. But stopped myself just in time. I know the cows will thank me, but I’m not sure if my waistline will.)

Which leads me to an interesting point — being healthy and vegan. During this 30-day period, I’m determined not to overindulge in the three “S”s: sugar, soy and seitan.

First off, I’ve discovered that a lot of non-amimal foods are packed with sugar: from hemp, almond and oat milks to plant-based snack bars to soy yogurts. Sure, you feel good about avoiding animal products, but too much sugar is also not good for the body.

Next up, soy. With eggs and fish off the menu, I need something to sustain me, and that something is becoming soy — usually in the form of edamame and tofu. I’m hyper aware of the dangers of soy, so I’m keeping consumption to a minimum and buying organic whenever possible.

Finally, seitan. I gotta say, that white stuff takes some getting used to. Some vegetarians eat it because they miss the taste and texture of meat, which makes no sense to me at all. On the upside, it’s packed with protein.

But I’m still suspicious of seitan and planning to stay away from it… at least for now. Who knows what will happen on day 6.

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