Sarah Michelle Gellar Saves the World

saramichellegeller savingtheplanet Sarah Michelle Gellar Saves the World

If you thought Sarah Michelle Gellar stopped saving the world when “Buffy” went off the air, think again. She may not be fighting vampires anymore but, thanks to her involvement with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, she’s doing her part to fight global poverty. As she told SELF magazine:

“…3 billion people in this world live on less than $2 a day. And 1 billion of those people live on less than $1… One of the greatest experiences in my life was also during one of the saddest times in my life. It was right after 9/11 on the ‘Buffy’ set. […W]e raised $60,000 to help buy Christmas presents for all the women and children who lost their husbands and partners in the [WTC]. And it was amazing to see on that little scale what difference we can make.”

The former slayer also admitted to taking her reusable bag to Whole Foods. For the discount.

Inadvertently or not, she’s still battling the Big Bad. Her watcher would be proud.

Read more about Sarah Michelle Gellar’s humanitarian efforts in the October issue of SELF.

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