Scorpion FX Folding Bike

scorpion bike 01 Scorpion FX Folding Bike

Did you watch Transformers and feel left out of the action? Now you can do your own transforming with the Scorpion FX Folding Bike. Heck, you can even go ahead and refer to yourself as “Scorpion” if you’re really getting into character.

Let’s set the scene: You’re commuting to work in your Smart micro car. You see nothing but gridlock in front for miles on end. You see a sign that says “Park and Ride”. You park. You say, “Scorpion: Transform!” And 60 seconds later, without the use of tools or CG, you unfold your Scorpion FX Folding Bike, throw on your spandex, and wham! You’re not just parking, you’re riding.

Especially designed to fold up into the boot (that’s Euro for trunk) of a Smart micro car, the Scorpion is great not just for parking and riding, but also for parking your Scorpion under your desk for the day. The Scorpion is geared for long distance cyclists, employing the most sophisticated of components, including air-chamber rear shocks with adjustable hydraulic damping, a super-plush BodyLink seat, and a drivetrain almost completely covered, so you don’t even have to wear the spandex to assure your pants are clean when you get to work. (Though what self-respecting person calling himself “Scorpion” doesn’t wear spandex?)

scorpion bike 02 Scorpion FX Folding Bike

Riding to work is great for your health and great for the air. But while you’re saving gas and the environment, will you be saving enough to foot the 2,700 Euro bill?

Unfortunately, being green doesn’t always save green. But in the end, everyone is going to have to make sacrifices of some sort or another. In other words: we’ll all have to transform a little.

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