Scrapile | Salvaged Wood is the New Black

scrap furniture 01 Scrapile | Salvaged Wood is the New Black

Salvaged wood is all the rage. It’s not recycled, it’s not renewable — it’s a completely reused product. If milled right, the whole process has a very small impact on the environment. Many homeowners also match hard-to-find antique woods, like Heart Pine flooring, with reclaimed wood from other sources.

And (as if you needed another reason) it can be cheaper than new lumber.

Designers Bart Bettencourt and Carlos Salgado are salvaged wood trendsetters. In 2003, their furniture line, Scrapile, was born in Brooklyn. Using a special technique of collecting and repurposing scraps of wood, they create benches, dining tables, stools and side tables.

The best part of owning a Scrapile is that, because it’s reclaimed wood, each piece is completely unique. Bettencourt and Salgado’s goal was a product that had a positive impact on the environment, not just a not negative one. Scrapile reduces garbage, helps conserve wood and looks great in your living room.

Designer dumpster diving – love it.

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