Shir Khan | Maximize!

shir khan maximize 002 Shir Khan | Maximize!

Review by David Day, BPM Magazine

Shir Khan is no Girl Talk. Where Mr. Talk blender-izes pop tripe until you wish it would stop, Khan pulls out jam after jam as you wait to see what’s next. The Pitchfork-endorsed Berliner has been slogging away in relative obscurity, but hopefully that is all about to change.

Khan’s taste is strictly Euro-cool and his two-disc set is a primer on what’s hip on the continent. It’s all quite impossible to catalog here, but inclusions like soon-to-blow Jahcoozi, blogger favorites Riot In Belgium, and Baile pioneers Tetine show Khan’s ear is as honed as they come. Adding fuel to the fire, of the 44 tracks, 14 are exclusive to this particular mix. One glance at those selections (Adam Sky vs. Mark Stewart?!?) shows the man digs crates with as much fervor as he does weblinks. The time will eventually come for Shir Khan—he just needs a posse and a US work visa.

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