Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

sidam xnovo mp3 04 Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

Call me traditional if you must, but I don’t get this new wave of non-cars coming out in both concept and production form. If you need to get from point A to point B and you want to do so in something small and zippy, buy a motorcycle. Or a scooter. Or even a bicycle. And if you’re not comfortable with a two-wheeler, get a car.

But to fork out over 12 grand for a three-wheeler that doesn’t even look safe to drive? Come on. Introducing the Sidam Xnovo.

sidam xnovo mp3 03 Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

Sure, I understand the need for smaller vehicles as gas prices get more and more ridiculous. And I do like the fact that the Xnovo comes with choices – gas, electric, hybrid. But seriously, who’s taking this thing out on the road? It looks like it would tip over going around corners. And the so-called enclosed version looks like it barely protects you from the elements.

The French folks behind Sidam are clearly trying to capitalize on the popularity of the Vectrix and the Piaggio MP3 three-wheelers, only with a backwards axel (on the Xnovo, the two wheels are in the rear instead of in the front). And while this not-even-as-big-as-a-golf-cart sized vehicle does look pretty sharp and comes in some non-fossil fuel powering options, I still don’t know who’s driving these things. Or why.

sidam xnovo mp3 02 Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

sidam xnovo mp3 01 Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

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