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Skeuter | A “G” Transportation Alternative

Posted By Boise Thomas On August 31, 2007 @ 1:55 pm In G Living | No Comments

This just in: Boise gives up car to save the planet, vows to ride Skeuter forever.

GLNewswire 8/27/07: Boise, one of the host on The Real G!, is forced to sell his hybrid vehicle and told never to use petroleum based products as long as he works for G Living!

And this just in… don’t believe everything you read.  News doesn’t equal truth.  You’ve no doubt heard various stories about my recent personal transportation dilemma, some directly from the source, others indirectly from untrustworthy sources.  After a deluge of e-mails, I’m compelled to set the record straight about why I’m getting rid of my car and what I plan to do about it.  First, the rumors…

Rumor:  G Living docks your pay if you use or support anything petroleum based; therefore, I had to get rid of my hybrid.

Truth: The office is a mile from home, so I ride my bike.

Rumor: Toyota is crap and the hybrid doesn’t get the mpg it promises.

Truth: At 40 mpg on average on $30 a tank, I found the hybrid to be genius.

Rumored: Boise will trade in his car for an SUV.

Truth: As reported previously on G Living, the wife and I are trading in our two Priuses for one new Prius.  Shocker.

With our family downsizing to one car, I’m exploring options for a “G”-ed out second vehicle.

The first find on my mission was the Skeuter.  That is S-k-e-u-t-e-r.  An electric moped that runs on batteries, gets 30 miles to the charge and goes 30 mph.  The owner of the shop in Culver City was kind enough to invite us over and let me test drive the different models he had on the lot.

Zane from Skeuter put me on the “I” style, which (like the “Z”) was similar to the Puch I had in high school.  Gets you from A to B and you don’t have to worry about parking. The Condor style looked sweet, but they didn’t have any in stock due to the extreme hotness of this item.  It goes 45 mph and looks more like a Vespa, only it doesn’t set you back $3,700-$4,700.

You could even get it with an MP3 player under the seat. Sweet.

While a scooter or Skeuter still requires you get some insurance, the really big savings is on fuel, as you simply plug it in.  You can even take the battery out and bring it inside to recharge if you don’t have an outlet near your parking spot (another bonus — you can park it anywhere).  My favorite savings is not only money but time!  The Department of Motor Vehicles registration fee is only $17.  FOR LIFE.  Which means one trip to the DMV and you’re good to go.  The Skeuter bottom line: $1,495 for the low-end and $2,100 for the Condor.   Zero emissions, no gas and more affordable than your traditional scooter.

While on the Skeuter, I had flashbacks of driving my moped back in the day.  It’s been several years since then and, being much closer to 40, I don’t think this is the second vehicle for me.  Don’t most guys close to 40 who drive mopeds live with their mother?  I am perpetuating a stereotype… shame on me.

While the Skeuter won’t be my second, it may be the answer for you.  A colleague at G Living is getting one, so I can always fulfill my Skeuter fantasy with his.  For now, I’ll continue using manual pedal power. That’ll do for now.  Unless, of course, it actually rains in L.A.

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