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skin and threads 001 Skin and Threads | Lux Basics

Want to know about the sartorial trifecta that’s guaranteed to leave any fashionista pleased as punch? Take a dozen-plus perfect pairs of jeans. Add ridiculous quantities of shoes (so much that you have sneak new pairs into wardrobe). And finally, throw in basics so luxurious you’ll never take them off. With that last point in mind, allow me to introduce you to Australian label Skin and Threads.

Crafted from finest natural and organic fabrics, Skin and Threads’ line of “edgy designer basics” allows women to look and feel beautiful. While traditional types may opt to wear them as is, the more adventurous among us can layer them for a truly fashion-forward aesthetic. Skin and Threads’ Winter 2008 collection provides a dazzling array of desirable, versatile dresses, tops, legging and cardigans in just the right color palette — from muted pastels and grays to electric blue and a splash of fuschia.

skin and threads 005 Skin and Threads | Lux Basics

Skin and Threads is just one of new breed of sustainable Aussie designers. Other notable labels include: Akira, Nudie Jeans and Pure Pod. As a former resident Down Under, I’m happy to see Australians embracing our green future with a sense of optimism and renewal, not to mention style.

So, go ahead — upgrade your threads. Your skin will be pleased.

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