Skin, Health, Life: Stem Organics

beautycare 002 Skin, Health, Life: Stem Organics
What you slather on your skin is just as important as what you choose to clothe it in. Here at G Living, we bring you not only tasty recipes and sleek fashion, we help to inform you of everything you need to live a truly G life. Skin care is another key aspect of that green lifestyle that. In the coming weeks, we will bring you the details of the best skin care companies out there. Our first beauty brand is Stem Organics from Australia.

Smooth, amber, apothecary-style simple bottles are the first thing to catch your eye. A likely conscious decision, Stem’s products are delightfully uncomplicated. Offering cleansers, toners, exfoliants, moisturizers, and serums, Stem openly posts their ingredients, even featuring a full A-Z list on where their elements come from and their skin benefits. Against animal testing and vegetarian-friendly, the company also donates a portion of proceeds to the World Wide Fund. “Less is more” has become the mantra for many in our slowly-greening society, and the phrase highly applies to the skincare world as well. Too many chemicals or too many products will only aggravate your skin, as well as your body (since over 60% of all that we put ON our skin is absorbed directly INTO our blood stream). Stay tuned for more planet-loving beauty brands in the near future!

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