Skinny Bitch Says, Don’t Believe the Hype

rory freedman 09 Skinny Bitch Says, Don’t Believe the Hype

I get a lot of emails from readers asking various diet and health questions. Some are from people who are already in “the know” and are familiar with healthier ways of eating. Others are from people who eat shit full-time and are inspired to overhaul their diets. Surprisingly, though, it’s the former group of people who seem to be the most confused when it comes to milk.

We can all agree that pasteurized milk sucks and has no place in our diet. (If this is news to you, park your ass in a bookstore and read chapter five of Skinny Bitch.) But for some people, the waters get muddy on the issue of raw milk. Yes, pasteurization destroys beneficial vitamins and enzymes, makes milk harder to digest, and even creates free radicals. Raw milk is clearly a better choice. And if you’re a baby cow, you should insist on drinking your milk raw. But if you’re a human and you’re old enough to read this, you shouldn’t be drinking milk, period.

Mother Nature knew what she was doing. She created all mammals with the ability to nurse their young. And that’s what all mammals do. And when their offspring reaches a certain age, they’re weaned off milk and they eat solid food. Not one goes back for milk after that last serving! Not one. You certainly don’t go kicking down your mom’s door for breast milk, do you? So why in the hell would you think you need the milk of a cow or goat any other animal now, as an adult? Why would you think it’s good for you?

Unfortunately, like every other movement, the holistic health movement has its charlatans, thieves, and misled. And somehow, raw milk became popularized. I wholeheartedly agree that natural is better and that raw, untreated milk has a multitude of benefits that far outweigh pasteurized, homogenized milk. But there is absolutely no reason why adult humans should be consuming any milk—raw, pasteurized, organic, grass-fed—it just doesn’t matter. Human milk is for human babies. Cow milk is for cow babies. Goat milk is for goat babies. Duh.

Don’t believe the hype.

Rory Freedman | Co-Author New York Times Best Seller Book Skinny Bitch

  • Kacie

    Rory speaks about how the dairy industry spends millions of dollars each year to sell the message that eating dairy products will give you strong bones when scientific studies have shown that milk has no protective effect on bones.

    The absorbability of calcium from milk and dairy products is approximately 2%, while it's about 60% from brussel sprouts and other leafy green vegetables, which don't contain the cholesterol, fat, steroids, hormones, pesticides and chemicals that milk does

  • rose

    Toby, I thank you so much for bringing the "dairy" issue to this "IDIOT" book! I did not see one mention of " CALCIUM". Is Rory so stupid she does not think of down the road and bone fractures? When she and her junkie followers hit 50 and the floor they can all be "CRIPPLED SKINNY BITCHES" and nobody will feel sorry for them. Let them be a size "0' I am a size 10 and a NATURAL 38 D and damn proud of it. When I hit 50 or 60 I will still be in better shape than they are right now and I am a PROUD 46 years old. I also EARNED EVERY TINY FINE LINE on my un-botoxed skin. I think these "Hollywood" 15 minutes of fame -want to hit it big authors need to dry up and have thier bag of bones blow away.

  • Lena

    Wow. I cannot believe people in the comment section are defending milk consumption by human adults. Are you kidding me? I thought for certain that by now drinking milk would be so old-school. WTF. Drinking processed cow’s milk makes it difficult for your body to absorb calcium properly. In nations where drinking milk is high (US, UK and northern Europe) Osteoporosis is out of control. In Asia and Africa where humans do not consume milk as much, Osteoporosis is much lower.

  • Co Plumer

    You do know that Calcium is found in other foods, right? Healthy foods like broccoli and legumes. Ever try eating those? The skinny bitches will still be around at 50 and 60 they’ll just have healthier bodies AND BONES.

  • toby

    “We can all agree that pasteurized milk sucks and has no place in our diet. (If this is news to you, park your ass in a bookstore and read chapter five of Skinny Bitch.)”

    In my opinion articles like this are irresponsible. Any statement you make should be backed up with concrete scientific evidence and that evidence should be made available for us to read for ourselves. Just because it’s part of the “G” movement doesn’t make it correct.

    I am not suggesting that the claims made in this article are incorrect but by not substantiating them you disempower your audience to formulate educated opinions for themselves. And just because it’s in “Skinny Bitch” doesn’t mean there is any basis to it.

    All this article does is continue to confuse people.

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  • qiangqiang

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  • gliving

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  • Dspenz2000

    If you quote facts and didn’t check your resources thoroughly, then you are guilty of spreading hype like me. See I didn’t check Little Annie’s sources in the 3rd grade before I spread the word that gum takes 7 years to digest. Turns out its closer to 7 minutes. I doubt anybody in this comment section has a doctorate in organic chemistry and has a career in studying the nutrition in milk. I don’t think milk is killing people. I do know that history has shown situations when people used it to survive. I do know that you can survive life post infancy without it. What you cannot do without is protein, calcium and every other nutritional item needed by the human body. I do know milk is loaded with protein and calcium, but that its not the only source of those items. Nothing else comes close to milks content on that combination, and I can share my resources on that statement. Chicken Little was not an expert on falling skies.

  • Lovely

    Rory is ugly and her advice will lead you to look as good as a concentration camp victim. She is a sterotype Jew, interested in money and telling others what to do. Doesn’t work.

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