Smart Monkey Ani Phyo Joins GreenChefs | Three Special Raw Recipes!

smartmonk Smart Monkey Ani Phyo Joins GreenChefs | Three Special Raw Recipes!

Ani Phyo of SmartMonkey Foods has joined GreenChefs and is now a featured Chef. Ani will be doing shows and adding recipes and personal Vlogs about her daily life as a G Chef. Check out her delicious Portabella Mushroom Steak with Mushroom Gravy Recipe. The great thing about Ani’s recipes is that they are all so simple and easy with very basic ingredients that most people can find in their local stores. Ani also has a new recipe book coming out this spring called Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, and you can buy her SmartMonkey Bars in select Whole Foods Stores and other health food stores or online.

Here are 3 Recipes from Ani that are quick and simple yet amazingly tasty:

Makes 4 servings

Tapenade is a rich olive spread popular in the Mediterranean. It’s quite easy to make at home. Measure out 1 cup of olives first. Then, pit them. Olives are easy to pit if you just push down onto a cutting board from above with your fingers. Plus the olive oil is great for your skin!

Homemade Black Olive Tapenade:

1 clove garlic

1 cup black olives, pit

1/2 lemon’s juice, about 1 Tablespoon

2 Tablespoons olive oil

1 Tablespoon thyme

2 teaspoons rosemary

Process garlic first. Then, combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse to combine well and coarsely puree. Serve as a dip, with Marinara Pasta, or on top of slices of flax crackers.

Angel Hair Squash Noodles in Sun-dried Tomato Marinara
Makes 4 servings

The type of tomatoes you choose to use in your marinara will determine the flavor of this recipe. I love heirloom tomatoes, they’re packed with flavor.

Angel Hair Squash Noodles:

4 zucchini squash

Cut off the tops and bottoms of each squash, and then cut in half. Spiralize using your spiralizer, and set aside.

Sun-dried Tomato Marinara:

2 cups tomatoes, chopped

1 clove garlic

½ cup fresh basil, loosely packed

1/4 cup olive oil

½ lemon’s or lime’s juice, about 1 Tablespoon

1 teaspoon pitted dates

1 teaspoon oregano

½ teaspoon rosemary

1 teaspoon sea salt

3 Tablespoons sun dried tomatoes

Besides the sun dried tomatoes, throw all other ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth. Add the sun dried tomatoes and blend until mixed well. The sun dried tomatoes will help absorb the excess moisture and make your marinara thicker.

Toss your angel hair pasta with marinara and serve immediately, as it will begin to release water.

Fresh Mango Coconut Cobbler
Makes 1 pie

Cobbler Crust:

3 cups pecans, dry

1 vanilla bean, scraped

3/4 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 cup pitted dates

For the crust, process pecans, vanilla bean, and salt in food processor with S blade. Add pitted dates and process until mixed well.

Sprinkle half of the cobbler crust onto the bottom of your pie dish, and set aside.

Cobbler Filling:

3 to 4 ripe mangos, peel, seed, slice (about 2 cups)

1 batch Orange Coconut Syrup, below

Place sliced mango into a large mixing bowl and toss with Orange Coconut Syrup.

Cobbler Coconut Syrup:

3/4 cup pitted dates

3 Tablespoons coconut oil

1/2 vanilla bean

2/3 cup water, as needed

Place all ingredients into blender, adding water as needed to make a smooth syrup. Pour syrup into bowl with mango, and mix well.

Scoop coated mango onto cobbler crust. Top with half of remaining cobbler crust and serve!

Will keep for 2-3 days in refrigerator.
Try as a delicious way to start your day!

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