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What is it with my recent laundry obsession? And what’s with these catchy testicle-evoking names for environmentally friendly washing alternatives? First there were dryer balls and now I’ve been turned on to Soap Nuts. (“Turned on” is a poor choice of words, but you know what I mean.)

Soap Nuts. Before you start imagining all sorts of kinky scenarios, let me just tell you that it’s laundry soap that comes from trees. Made from the dried fruit plucked from a Chinese Soapberry tree, it’s rich in saponin, which (according to Maggie’s Pure Land) is “a natural cleaner used for thousands of years to clean clothes, just like the plants used by Native Americans.” So, it’s soap “made from Nature by Nature.” And it’s completely biodegradable and toxic-chemical free, which means there’s no nasty stuff seeping into your skin or going down the drain to poison fish or the ocean’s ecosystem.

I can’t wait to see what eco-friendly laundry alternatives they come up with next. I have some ideas for catchy names, but they’re a little crude, so I’ll keep them to myself.

In the meantime, go wash up with your Soap Nuts.

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