Solar Chandelier with Foliage

solar home tech Solar Chandelier with Foliage

It’s all about multi-functionality these days: cell phones take pictures; car seats massage (Lexus GS hybrid); and photocopiers (occasionally) fax. The green space is no exception. The latest gadget to hit the market? A solar powered LED chandelier that doubles as a pollutant-killing plant.

This ingenious device known as the Green Light was developed by the xDesign Environmental Health Clinic at New York University. The 6 watt LED bulb is powered by a solar awning. Encased by foliage, the lamp ‘shines at wavelengths known to catalyze and promote photosynthesis’. The plants then transpire and break down pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene, which — ironically, due to better insulation — are becoming more prevalent in our homes.

Before you pass out at the $6,000 price tag, know that for each one purchased, another is donated to a family living a post-Katrina toxic trailer. So far, “only 50 Green Light units have been manufactured, but they are eco-friendly through and through — from components developed at a transparent fabrication facility to the glass fixture blown in a kiln powered by leftover methane gas from a landfill.”

Not exactly my design aesthetic but an innovative idea nonetheless.

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