Solar Trees in Vienna

solartree 006 Solar Trees in Vienna

Ross Lovegrove’s Solar Trees are catching both eyes and rays.

Installed outside Vienna’s MAK Museum as part of the MAKDesignNite program, these glowing self-powered “trees” are the creations of Welsh designer Lovegrove in cooperation with Artemide, the Italian lighting innovator, and Sharp Solar, the globe’s solar cell leader. Powered entirely by solar technology – the panels atop the canopy collect the sun’s energy for later use – these remarkable fixtures are fully free-standing and are not even wired into the grid.

Artist and designer Lovegrove, whose most recognizable work is probably the Sony Walkman from the early 1980s, is known for his unique merging of human practicality and abstract designs. His projects transcend the boundaries between art and science, with the modular urban design of Vienna’s Solar Trees providing a perfect extension to his already impressive portfolio.

Combining energy efficiency with art, these low maintenance trees may be a small step for mankind, but they’re a giant leap towards a brighter, greener future.

solartree 003 Solar Trees in Vienna

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