Somebody Got A Hummer From Fergie

fergie hummer giveaway01 Somebody Got A Hummer From Fergie

For those of you who’ve been too engrossed in Britney’s custody battle to follow other celebrity news (she lost and was ordered to hand the kids over to K-Fed on Wednesday), Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie auctioned off her barely-driven Hummer on eBay and donated the money to Global Green USA. After 964,468 bids, the small penis compensator (with only 7,341 miles on it) sold for $64,199.91.

Not a bad sum for a used vehicle that guzzles gas and is too big to park anywhere. What’s gotten more coverage than the vehicle itself, however, are the vicious message board jibes at Fergie’s “generosity”:

“umm, i don’t quite get why global green usa is participating on this. last time i checked, hummers do nothing to help global warming…” said one posting on the dark side of eBay.

fergie hummer giveaway04 Somebody Got A Hummer From Fergie

“Her name should be ‘Fergatrocious’”, said another.

Why? I’m neither a fan nor a non-fan of Fergie’s, but what have these posers (oops, I mean “posters”…) done a good cause lately? Sure, you can argue that in freeing herself of an enviro-nasty vehicle, she’s simply transferred it to someone else rather than freeing the world of it. But she did donate $64 k to a good cause. And more importantly, given the amount of publicity generated by this event, she’s probably raised some necessary consciousness about the perils of ridiculously large vehicles that contribute to smog, climate change and road rage.

Hopefully the negativity generated by this won’t deter other celebrities from donating unwanted things for good causes. I know Michael’s got that extra glove somewhere. And after Wednesday, Britney won’t be needing her kids’ car seats…

fergie hummer giveaway02 Somebody Got A Hummer From Fergie

fergie hummer giveaway03 Somebody Got A Hummer From Fergie

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