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Sore Muscles? | Try Vitamin C

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On March 19, 2008 @ 7:55 pm In Fitness/Diet,G Living | No Comments

Here’s an interesting tip I just discovered, thanks to Chris Sparling at that’sfit: upping your intake of vitamin C may help relieve the soreness that invariably comes from a grueling workout.

While laziness and my tendency to get bored during exercise generally keeps me from feeling any soreness that borders discomfort or even pain, I’m always a little disappointed if I don’t feel any tightness in my legs after an intense bike ride or in my arms after pushups. Because soreness conveys progress, right? Isn’t that why “No Pain, No Gain” was drilled into our heads by PE teachers and coaches from elementary school on?

One way to avoid soreness is to be sure and give your body enough rest between workouts (or between sets, if you’re using weights). But a recent study has shown that vitamin C may help repair your muscles faster.

According to the article, a group of University of Birmingham scientists split volunteers into three separate groups: one took 400mg of vitamin C daily, another took an equivalent dose of vitamin E and the third took a placebo. “After three weeks, each group was asked to perform a stepping exercise for 60 minutes, after which time the researchers measured their muscle strength and degree of fatigue. They found that the group who had been taking vitamin C exhibited 85 percent greater post-exercise recovery than the other two groups.”

So, there you have it — yet another benefit of C. It’s like the other thing my high school PE teacher was fond of saying: “A glass of fresh orange juice a day helps keep all bad things away.” Or something like that.

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